Kakai Bautista responds to demand letter of Mario Maurer’s camp

Published March 30, 2021, 5:56 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

The law firm, Marfil & Associates, recently released the official statement of their client, actress Kakai Bautista, regarding the demand letter sent by Thai actor Mario Maurer’s agency Kwaonhar Nine Nine Co., Ltd. to her management.

According to them, the letter was supposedly sent by an “authorized attorney” named “Koraphot Jirachocksubsin” to Kakai’s manager, Freddie Bautista.

They noted it was just forwarded through email.

It was without a letterhead, mailing address, and contact number.

“It also does not show any proof that the letter was authorized and consented to be sent by the foreign star or his camp.”

They confirmed they have already sent a nine-page reply to Koraphot Jirachocksubsin.

“We firmly and vehemently repudiate and detest in the strongest possible terms the claims of the ‘Authorized Attorney’ of Mr. Maurer’s agency against our Client. They are palpably without any factual and legal bases. Further, his claim that our Client ‘improperly exploited’ and made ‘false statements’ about Mr. Mario Maurer and his team already reek of libel, a crime punishable under Art. 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines,” they said.

The local law firm noted they are “deeply alarmed” and “appalled” as to how a private letter, which “severely tarnishes” the reputation and image of Kakai by making her appear as a “deceitful, lying, and exploitative woman.”

They said that with the absence of a non-disclosure agreement and notwithstanding law to the contrary, Kakai is free to talk about her experience with the Thai star, which they noted is one of the effects of being a “public figure.”

“Nonetheless, our client has decided to totally dissociate herself from Mr. Maurer through all means and channels possible. In this regard, we have demanded from the alleged Attorney of Mr. Maurer’s agency to prove his identity and authority to send the Cease and Demand Letter on behalf of Mr. Maurer and the latter’s agency,” they wrote.

“We have likewise formally demanded for the alleged Attorney of Mr. Maurer’s agency and/or any of their representatives/agents to cease and desist in making any and all unfounded and malicious claims against our client before any media or communication channel. Otherwise, our firm will not hesitate to take the most stringent legal action (civil and criminal actions) against any involved party to protect and enforce the rights and interest of our client.”

The letter was signed by Atty. Jude Marfil, Kakai’s counsel, as well as the actress herself and her manager.