GOSSIP GIRL: How the high-heeled TikTok King goes to church

Published March 29, 2021, 12:59 PM

by Giselle Sanchez

Gardo Versoza

Actor Gardo Versoza is the new TikTok King with 1.4 million followers. Why do people follow him? He is the only straight guy in TikTok that dances in high heels. Before the presscon of his movie “Biyernes Santo” that I hosted for Vivamax, I asked him what he can say about his bashers calling him gay and using TikTok to come out of his cabinet, “Yes! I feel so free. I feel liberated!” he says jokingly or was there a grain of truth?

“I was probably a gay person in my past life. I love playing gay roles because I think it’s one of the most colorful characters an actor can sink his teeth into.” Take it from me, this guy is super straight. I don’t need to elaborate but just trust me on this! I know these type of guys, they pretend to gay up but are super straight. Too straight they can handle two to three women at the same time! But the TikTok king has remained faithful to his wife Ivy Vicencio who he was engaged to for 14 years. They have a son named Deity.

Since it is Holy Wednesday today, I asked Gardo who is a devout Catholic how he practices his devotion especially on Biyernes Santo. “I leveled up visita iglesia to bisikleta iglesia. A bunch of us Catholic cycling enthusiasts have decided to cycle seven churches and pray. This happens the day before Biyernes Santo. On Good Friday, I grew up where everything was prohibited. Bawal magsaya, bawal ang tv, bawal ang radio, bawal magbasa, bawal maligo. Dasal lang ng dasal dahil patay ang Diyos.”  Somehow I cannot picture Gardo praying since I have been following his crazy antics in TikTok. So I decided to subscribe to the Vivamax streaming app so I can watch “Biyernes Santo” since it is already available in IOS. For the longest time it was only available for Android users. For only 149 pesos, I was able to download Vivamax and I was happy to find out that it not only has “Biyernes Santo” but dozens of Tagalog, Korean, Asian and Hollywood flicks, perfect timing since we are on ECQ here in NCR.

After watching the high-heeled male-dancing TikToker, I was amazed at what a talented actor he was. Gardo was as intense and as talented as the director of “Biyernes Santo,” Pedring Lopez. The lighting, cinematography, music, editing, special effects and sound was comparable to Hollywood movies. No wonder the brilliant director was nominated for 10 awards for his Netflix film “Maria” by the PMPC award-giving body.

For someone who watched “Biyernes Santo,” I must say that the film was really made for a streaming app like Vivamax. You know the feeling when you are watching Netflix and after one episode, you cannot even take a toilet break because you want to proceed to the next episode? In Tagalog, nabitin ka? Well, that was my exact feeling after watching “Biyernes Santo” except that I will have to wait for the sequel to be filmed.

“Biyernes Santo” stars Ella Cruz, Via Ortega, Andrea Del Rosario, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Gardo Versoza. “Biyernes Santo” is streaming only on Vivamax.