PSHS-Central Visayas Campus wins 10 awards in 2021 Asian Youth Innovation

Published March 26, 2021, 2:24 PM

by Charissa Luci-Atienza 

The Philippine Science High School-Central Visayas Campus (PSHS-CVisC) has bagged 10 awards in the Asian Youth Innovation: Malaysia Technology Expo 2021.


“It’s a golden harvest!,” the PSHS System said in a Facebook post, as it announced that 10 research projects of its students in CVisC won awards in the virtual international event. 

It noted that PSHS-CVisC got five gold and five silver awards in the event organized virtually in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Under Junior Category -Disaster, Emergency and Crisis Management, students Nathan R. Elmido, Vaughn Matthew Q. Valle, Maxell G. Milay, and Sheen Santos D. Capadngan received the gold award for presenting “HIKAWAY: Portable Monitoring and Notification Device for Asthma Pre-Detection” project.

The gold award was also given to Asil Andre B. Acasio, Peter Lloyd S. Gealon, Ruben S. Ybañez Jr., and Ken Zachary D. Rollo under Youth Category-Disaster, Emergency and Crisis Management for their “ASO: Automative Smoke Observer” project.

Under Youth Category-Agriculture. Livestock, Horticulture, Aquaculture and Fisheries, Avil Conerose Therese S. Malana, Raphael David B. Condor,and  Kyra Jilian L. Namor got the same award for presenting “CROPATROL:Agricultural Crop Pest and Disease Pre-Detection Patrol System” project.

Other recipients of gold award were the following: Gabriel G. Amoro, John Karlo N. Cenabre, Matthew Niño T. Singzon, and Maria Louredes C. Balane under Youth Category- Healthcare and Personal Care Technology for their “GINHAWA: Arduino-based Acetone Concentration Sensing for Detection of Possible Diabetic Condition” project; and Allyn Christian I. Quiamjot, Jed Jerreal K. Escaran, and Raphael David B. Condor under Youth Category- Sports, Leisure, Recreational Equipment , Active Wears, Wearable for presenting “VITAL AID: Vital Signs Monitoring Arduino-based Infrared Device.”

The adviser of the gold awardees is Dr. Benito A. Baje. 

The PSHS-CVisC also won silver awards. 

Under Junior Category-Protection of the Environment, Energy, Water, Wastewater, Sanitation, and Green Technology, Chesyne Danielle G. Pepito, David Elijah Corsini C. Atup, Josefino Nino O. Ilagan got silver award for “IMAHE: Image Processing Device for Microplatic Assessment and High Quality Evaluation of Water” project. 

Deni Margarette C. Dalman, and Hannah Nicole Gaudiel were also given silver award for “Screening for the Anticancer Potential of Cinnamon Cebuense (Cebu Cinnamon) Leaf Extract against Human Colorectal Cancer  or HCT-116” project. The project was under the Junior Category- Healthcare, Personal Care Technology, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences.

Under Junior Category-Protection of the Environment, Energy , Water, Wastewear, Sanitation, and Green Technology, Nathan R. Elmido, Vince Louie Q. Valle, Raphael David B. Condor, Kyra Jillian L. Namor, Vaughn Matthew Q. Valle, Sheen Santos D. Capadngan, and Marianne Emmanuelle P. Ceniza got the silver award for “REEF PATROL: Coral Reef Health Monitoring System.”

Namor, Condor, and Malana  also got the silver award for “NANOHEAL: Development and Characterization of Cellulose  Nanofiber from Banana Peels as an Antibacterial Blood Coagulating Agent” under Youth Category-Healthcare, Personal Care Technology, Biotechnology, and Life Sciences. 

Andre Milan A. Arañas, Seanuel Joash P. Uyangoren, Kurt Matthew A. Amodia, Avi Conerose Therese S. Malana also got the silver award under Youth Category- Disaster, Emergency and Crisis Management for presenting “SIMOY: Systematic Innovation for Monitoring of Air Quality Near Landfill.”