Study Hacks: Online schooling made easy

Published March 22, 2021, 5:09 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

What’s something you know that feels illegal but isn’t? Well, these hacks are so effective and easy that they are starting to pick up steam. Social media account @studentlife.101 shared some major online schooling hacks that will blow your mind. In fact, Buzzfeed has compiled all the tips and tricks, from letting your computer jot down lectures, to not having to worry about having short essays, and to never being late to submissions ever again.

Too lazy to type notes? Just press ‘FN’ twice

This basically works like a dictation device where your Macbook will type for you. From your teacher’s lectures to even your own essays, you can make those fingers rest and just record from voice to typed-in works in just two clicks.

Google Scholar instead of just Google

Google Scholar will make researching easier! From quotes, citations, and related articles, all these can appear in just a single tap.

The extension called Email Trackers

With Email Trackers, you can tell if someone has opened your email or not. This extension also says how many times the email has been opened.

The Google app Homework section

Too lazy to research about a homework? You can literally scan the question and its Homework section will do the job for you. Genius!

The Youtube transcript

The transcript basically shows you what is being said in the video and you can use a finder to locate what you actually need to know without having to watch the entire video.

From Zoom to Cloud

This may come in handy when you have an open book exam. You just have to copy-paste the entire transcript, put it on another document, and when it’s exam time, you know the Control+F will come in handy.

The majestic Podcastle

You’ll never have to read articles with this extension. All you have to do is convert your articles to podcast and listen to them as you go.

A centralized study guide

You’ll be needing a shareable Google document where you and your classmates can edit and add stuff, which you can use as a reviewer for midterms and finals.

Time management

Did you forget to pass your assignment because of hours and hours spent on TikTok? Worry not because you can reverse time with this trick. Change the date and time of your computer, this will reset the portal and you can actually be on time for submission.


If you need some key points to talk about your essay topic, type in “.ppt” when you are doing a research. This will show Powerpoint presentations where you can find strong and concise points you can talk about.

Be a mathlete with Mathchop

Mathchop is a tool that has a database of common math questions and equations. The tool has an algorithm which checks out what you are bad at and will help you learn in form of games.

For more hacks, watch the full video here: