A new blend of hero


Written by Jaime Misalucha, Jr.

Over a year ago, since the start of the pandemic, I have been seeing advertisements for different brands of portable blenders online. At that time, I was also advised by my doctor to take as many fruits as I can, especially oranges, to avoid getting sick. It then made me think, having viewed numerous portable blenders online must have been a sign that I need one; or maybe I just need to take more fruits in general. 

Fast forward to the present, I still am resisting that urge to get a portable blender; up until I came face to face with the Nutrihero Portable Blender.

This blender comes in a distinct capsule-like design. It has a stand that works as its charging dock as well. Its charging cable is magnetic so you won’t have to worry because the pull of the magnet will connect the cable to the charging dock for you. Just a note though, the blender will not work while charging.  It took me about an hour or so to fully charge the battery and it lasted for about a week of moderate use. 

This portable blender has powerful blades to crush ice so your next shake is just a few presses of a button away. The battery is actually removable so you can thoroughly clean the blades and the glass itself. In fact, you can charge the battery even if it is detached from the main body. This makes it convenient as you can power up the battery while washing and drying off the other parts of the blender. Talk about multi-tasking right?

Using the Nutrihero Portable Blender is easy. Simply place the ingredients into its glass and grind away. Of course, it will need some help from a human. If you are blending with ice, you must tilt the glass away from the blades first. Press and hold the button for about 2 seconds and gradually tilt it right side up so that the blade won’t get overwhelmed with all the ice you wanted it to crush. Also, keep it at 45 degrees angle while blending. 

If you are blending using soft ingredients or even powdered drinks, you can opt for the slower speed by pressing its button twice. In fact, I have used it to blend my iced chocolate for a few days and it works well. 

Operating the Nutrihero portable blender is really easy and convenient. It made me rethink if I really should get one since I am a fruit and milkshake junkie. To top it all off, it doesn’t make that much noise while blending. My workmates and I were actually surprised as it is noise reduced compared to other brands that you can still carry a conversation while operating it. 

Having a NutriHero Portable Bender will definitely convince you to make (on your own) a smoothie, shake or even a cocktail almost on a regular basis. So I guess, in my next “sweldo,” a portion of it will be for purchasing this portable drink maker-- definitely adding this on my ”add to cart” list!