Top beauty must-haves to complete your summer vibes

Published March 19, 2021, 1:28 PM

by Jonnah Lynne Pante

The end of the first quarter of the year is fast approaching which means that the scorching days of summer are once again waiting to be part of our everyday reality. Just like how we all shift our wardrobe choices each season, our makeup and skincare stash should also adapt to the changing weather. Here’s a ready-made shopping list to add to your beauty regimen for the dry months that you can easily get from the SM Beauty section of SM Supermalls.

Be keen on sunscreen
For the months of March, April, and May which are usually declared as the dry season here in the Philippines, consider a trusty sunscreen your BFF. It’s common knowledge that the summer days in the country are no joke — with temperatures going beyond 40 degrees Celcius — so apart from looking for a sunscreen that offers ample protection, a lightweight consistency is a non-negotiable no matter what your skin type is. After all, you don’t want to spend a hot day with your face and body feeling all the more sticky and oily.

Sunscreen is important in blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. The former amounts to skin aging while the latter has more harmful effects since it’s carcinogenic. These penetrate the human skin so imagine what your skin is going through when you’re out and about under the sun unprotected. When buying a tube or a bottle of sunscreen, consider first the amount of SPF or sun protection factor you would want and how are you planning to use it.

For example, there are sunscreens that are tinted like Nivea Sun UV Face BB Cream SPF 50+ and Skin Aqua Sarafit UV Tinted Base. These kinds of sunscreen can be used as a primer before doing your full makeup and serve as a non-sticky base capable of protecting your skin from premature aging caused by direct exposure to sunlight. If you’re looking for a sunscreen that has brightening properties, try Kojie San Face Lightening Cream with Hyrdomoist — a hydrating sunscreen that does its job for an affordable price. For those who are looking to achieve that Korean glass skin, a must-have in your skincare kit is Luxe Organix’s SPF50+ UVA/UVB Protection Aqua Daily Sunscreen. It’s an aqua-rich, lightweight, and water-resistant sunscreen that makes use of the wonders of Aloe Vera to provide quick-absorbing and non-greasy coverage against harmful sun rays. This is perfect for everyday use even for those with sensitive skin.

Long hair don’t care
How you guard your skin from harmful sun rays should be the same as how you protect your hair from direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to the sun causes the hair to be dry, brittle, and prone to split ends — whether your crowning glory is natural or chemically-treated. There are fashionable ways for hair protection which include beach hats and ball caps, but for those who are not fans of these, the key is applying products directly to your hair.

For those who would want to achieve silky straight mermaid hair for a perfectly-snapped beach photo, remember to always keep Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Long & Luscious Tri-Oleo Conditioner in your toiletries bag. The name might be a mouthful but it’s indicative of the wonders it can do to your hair, keeping it shiny and strong from the roots. This conditioner also has ultra-nourishing oils namely Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Marula Oil that helps smoothen and moisturize the hair. The summer heat can also result in hair loss so better stock up on Moringa O2 Herbal Anti-Hairfall and Revitalizing Shampoo with Argan Oil for good scalp care courtesy of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals found in it.

If you’re feeling brave and experimental in expressing yourself this summer and you’re looking to don a new vibrant hair color, it’s a must to choose a product that will do more good than harm to your precious strands. Give Hairfix Color Cream for Men and Women a try, and who knows, it might be a long time before you go black again. This product is currently available for a B1T1 offer for its Ash Blonde variant at SM Beauty. It also allows a no-fuss application since it comes with a complete hair coloring kit.

Glow from within
The phrase “beauty from within” seems to be an overly-used cliché, but the words ring true when talking about self-care. The extreme heat conditions of the dry season can affect our bodies negatively and we don’t want to spend away the days of summer feeling less energetic so it’s about right to put vitamins and supplements on this list.

An effective way to spare your skin from unwanted dryness caused by the summer season is by consuming collagen-rich vitamins like Potencee Plus C Collagen that’s also capable of keeping the skin hydrated while giving your body the much-needed supply of vitamin C. There are also collagen food supplements that aid in skin brightening and speeds up skin cell renewal like Mosbeau Advanced Tablet. Centrum Advance Multivitamins, meanwhile, offer overall wellness for a sharp mind, strong bones, healthy skin, heart health, and good eyesight. Take these vitamins responsibly and as your doctor prescribed and your summer days are sure to be filled with youthful glow and confidence.

Fresh and fragrant
Remember how papaya soaps were so popular back in the days and how our grandmothers and even our moms swear by how they’re good at keeping the skin bright and healthy-looking? These remain as household items until the present day and admit it, there’s really something about the refreshing smell of papaya soap in the summer. A name to recall for locally available papaya soaps is Silka Papaya which now comes enriched with Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps in reducing UV damage in the skin.

Stroll around on a breezy day in a flowy dress feeling smooth all over with Veet Hair Removal Cream which gives nourished skin and promotes soft hair regrowth without the damages caused by shaving. And to top this list off, paint your nails the lively colors of summer using Bobbie Afterglow from a wide range of nail polish collections of Bobbie Nails.

This summer season, make SM Beauty your go-to store for your self-care needs from head to toe. Shop safely at any of SM Beauty’s 66 stores nationwide or order online through its personal shoppers on Viber ( Don’t forget to use your SMAC when shopping to earn points. For more health and beauty products, visit and or follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (