MB Lifestyle Tries: Are lash extensions worth it?

Published March 19, 2021, 12:10 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

A first-timer, an OC mom, and a lady who wears eyeglasses share their semi-permanent lash session experience

It’s been a year since the lockdown was implemented. Since then, my semi-permanent lashes have fallen off one by one. With Covid-19 out there and the majority of us staying indoors, getting a retouch for my lashes was not part of my priority list then. 

It took some getting used to using my eyelash curler and mascara again. I didn’t need them for quite a long time. For quick fixes over the past year, I’ve applied false eyelashes on my own with a lot of practice. They really make a big difference, but not everyone can apply these falsies without the help of a makeup artist which leads to the option of either using mascara and eyelash curler or getting lash extensions that are good for about two months if properly cared for. 

For those who do not know what eyelash extensions are, they are also referred to as semi-permanent lashes. One can avail of these only at the lash extensions salon where they are professionally done. 

So when New Lounge opened its latest branch in Westgate, Alabang, boasting of safety protocols that would put our minds at ease, we knew we just had to try it for ourselves. I thought it best to ask two more (brave) colleagues to try the experience themselves, so read our reviews below. 

Jane Kingsu-Cheng
Beauty editor

Challenge: “I haven’t stepped foot in any lash extensions salon since lockdown.”

When was the last time you had semi-permanent lashes?
The first time I had them was more than a decade ago, and colleagues and friends couldn’t stop complimenting me. My chinky eyes looked bigger—it “woke up” my eyes, so to speak. I knew I just had to have them when I got married. And since it was semi-permanent, I looked great (with less makeup preps) even during our honeymoon. So lash extensions aren’t new to me, but it’s not something I badly needed. I could forego it, especially when the lockdown happened. 

Why have them again now? 
It’s been a year, and what we’re going through will be a part of our lives for the next few years. As long as you have strict hygienic rituals and limit your time spent outside of the house, then you’ll be fine. We can’t stay cooped up in the house forever, right? 
Also, I had a few online shoots and appointments in the next couple of days then, so I knew having lash extensions would make me look good faster and lessen the time for me to put on makeup. 

What were your concerns? 
Because I’ve had lash extensions, along with many conversations with the staff, I knew that my hooded eyelids (have a partial fold that covers the lids) eat up my lashes. So even if my lashes are long, it looks short when I open my eyes. 

What lash type did you choose? 
Both the New Lounge staff and I agreed that I should choose the longest one which is 12mm and in C curl. I was hesitant at first, but I trust the staff to recommend the best option for me. I closed my eyes and let them do their magic. 

How was the experience? 
I love that everyone was in PPE. Body temperature check and alcohol dispenser was strategically positioned by the entrance. We were also asked to fill out an online form after confirming our appointment, so it was a breeze when we went to the salon—no lining up outside and filling up details for contract tracing and other important details. 
They also offer mani and pedicures, so I might as well have them while they worked on my lashes for an estimate of two hours. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. At least, my day out was worth it. 

The verdict?
It was a pleasant experience with the attentive staff. All of them were wearing gloves so there was no skin-to-skin contact. As for my lashes, I think I’ve hit ROI already with three accomplished shoots since I’ve had them. Plus the fact that I’m always Zoom-ready for all my meetings and parent-teacher conferences make it all worth it. 

Yvette Tan
Editor, Agriculture

Challenge: “I wear glasses. How do I make lash extensions work for me?”

When was the last time you had semi-permanent lashes?
The first and last time I had semi-permanent lashes put on was around 2010. I loved the way I looked but I didn’t like how they kept bumping against my eyeglasses. And since these were the early days of lash extensions, the ones I got were heavy, too. These two factors were what stopped me from getting them again for a long time.

Why have them again now? 
I like the way lash extensions enhance my eyes. I also like the fact that having them means I can skip wearing mascara and eyeliner in my makeup routine.

What were your concerns? 
I wanted my semi-permanent lashes to be as long, thick, and as light as possible but was worried about them bumping into my eyeglasses. This wasn’t something I had considered the first time I got my lashes done over a decade ago but now I know better. 

What did you choose?
Branch manager Jazrine Camacho walked me through the different types of lashes available and helped me pick the one that suited my needs. Since I wanted full lashes that wouldn’t bump against my glasses, she suggested the Supercurl (a hypercurl extension that makes you look like you have falsies on) at the 10-11mm length for extra oomph. 

How was the experience?
Getting my semi-permanent lashes was relaxing and fuss-free. Everyone is required to wear PPE (you can bring your own or buy from them) inside the premises, so you know they’re doing the best they can to make sure everyone stays safe. Clients are given a drop of essential oil to sniff (hard to do with a mask on) or rub on their pulse points before the procedure to help them relax. Afterwards, they are given the option of a two-minute back massage. The technician wears gloves all throughout, so there is no skin to skin contact at all. They will tell you that the procedure will take about two hours, but mine was done in about an hour and forty five minutes. I felt so relaxed that I actually fell asleep in the middle of it.

The verdict?
I love it! I look like I have false eyelashes on. They make my monolid eyes look more open, and they don’t feel heavy. I also really appreciate that they don’t bump against my glasses. The best part is that I won’t have to worry about eye makeup as long as I have them.

Jessica Pag-iwayan

Challenge: “It’s my first time to try lash extensions. Should I even be scared?”

Why try it?
Aside from having highly sensitive skin which hinders me to play with colors through cosmetic products, I’m a fan of “less is more.” But, one day, the idea of having eyelash extensions piqued my interest, so, as the saying goes, it’s never too late to try new things. 

What are your concerns?
I must admit, having my very first eyelashes extension is both an exciting and terrifying experience for me. I was so afraid of how I would look after and how it would also affect my skin. 

How was the experience?
The tight security protocol implemented inside the salon relaxed my nerves. I didn’t realize that the two-hour long service time allotted to put my extension was almost done if not because of the mild irritation I felt in my eyes during the process. 

What did you choose? 
It was my first time and I really didn’t have any idea what to do and what was going to happen. When the specialist asked me what type of extensions I want to avail, I didn’t know what to say. I asked her to choose the right one for me, something that looks natural. We then decided to get J Curl Natural. 

How was the experience?
Honestly, I was so afraid that because of wanting to try something new, this will cause another allergic reaction on me. I immediately consulted the eyelash specialist about “that” sensation, she said that it’s normal because of the glue that might have touched my skin. After drying the glue with mini electric fans, the irritation slowly faded away. 

The verdict?
When I could finally open my eyes, and saw the output, I felt like something had changed in me. I love how it added a bright aura to my usual fuss-free look and that, somehow, I feel more presentable even though I am not wearing makeup.