Scrap-tastic! Artist turns trash into awesome Voltes V weapons

Published March 17, 2021, 7:56 PM

by Ellson Quismorio

Environmental conservation has never been this creative, fun, and badass.

Christopher S. Dominisac, a freelance artist from Antipolo City, posted on Monday, March 15 his “do it yourself” accessories for one of his favorite action figures–Mini Action (MA) Series Voltes V.

The 43-year-old uploaded the action-packed photographs on the Voltes V Philippines Facebook group, where he has shared many of his custom creations. But a closer look at these photos in particular shows how Dominisac turned pieces of scrap into the various weapons of everyone’s favorite Bozanian conqueror.

It’s certainly a jaw-dropping project for toy collector and conservationist alike.

“Most are pet bottles, food containers, ice cream with tubs, shampoo containers, etc. These are household trash, these are the ones that end up in the ocean,” he told the Manila Bulletin in an interview when asked about his materials of choice.

He said the cost of his custom Voltes V weapons went to buying adhesives and paint.

Voltes V is enjoying a resurgence in local pop culture, thanks to the upcoming Voltes V Legacy television drama series as well as the recent release of toys such as the DX Soul of Chogokin (SOC) Voltes V Volt-in-Box, and MA Voltes.

While a great bang-for-your buck toy, the six-inch tall MA Voltes lacked a lot of the mech’s familiar weapons from the 1970s animated show. To that, Dominisac said “challenge accepted.”

“I just love everything about Voltes V,” admitted Dominisac. “Everytime I see vehicles like tanks, aircrafts, marine boats, I see them as the Voltes team. Haha I even imagine buildings as Camp Big Falcon.”

But the man’s passion for sustainability and Mother Nature sounds much stronger than any hype for a cartoon character.

“I am aware of the situation. Our environment is suffering. I believe that we must do our part to help reduce pollutants in the sea and rivers. I believe that even the smallest idea is a big help. So I started using scraps or ‘upcycled’ materials for my projects,” he said.

As a parting shot, Dominisac made this appeal to fellow hobbyists and customizers: “Let’s add upcycled figures to our collections. If you’re a builder, please upcycle plastic waste or mix it with the materials of your choice.”

“Let’s start helping for the sake of our children and loved ones. We must start now. We as toy enthusiasts play a big role in this world.We are the ones who understand the word ‘hero’,” he said.