Stylist Fanny Serrano suffers massive stroke, says Sharon Cuneta

Fanny Serrano

Stylist to the stars Fanny Serrano suffered a massive stroke, according to one of his close friends Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

On Instagram March 16, Sharon was in tears as she requested netizens for prayers and healing for Serrano.

"Tita Fanny Serrano had a massive stroke today. He is still very conscious but please pray for him.

"Please, please pray for Tita Fanny. I love him so much.

"He's like a family to me. 

"So please pray for his healing," Sharon appealed.

In Sept. 2016, Serrano was rushed to the hospital after suffering from stroke.

That time, Serrano, whose real name is Felix Mariano Fausto Jr., had two minor strokes that affected his senses and motor skills.

Serrano, 72, described his recovery then as a miracle.