To the women of my world      

Published March 13, 2021, 12:12 AM

by Alex M. Eduque


Alex Eduque
Alex Eduque

In light of women’s month, I will dedicate this space for the rest of March to women – to their plight, to their successes, to their roles, or simply, to cheer them on for the countless parts they play in our lives. This one is for the women of my world – they who have nurtured me, raised me, and have played key and instrumental roles in my life ever since I could remember.

I have said this numerous times before, but I will not hesitate to say it again: being raised in an alpha female family has always been empowering. It has given me a sense of self-worth and security I would never have found elsewhere. Even before the term was coined, “strong modern women” so to speak was always my norm, and I have found that being raised in the presence of and as one has truly helped me navigate through the the ups and downs, the wonders and most cosmopolitan of situations this world has to offer. The fierce loyalty, the faithfulness and the fortitude of all the women in my life have made them the femme fatales of my world.

To my paternal grandmother Elvira Manahan whom we fondly refer to as wawa – I may not have met you, but I have heard all the tales and stories. For giving life to my father without who I would not be around, I will always be grateful.

To my grand-aunt Consuelo Madrigal – even a whole memoir is not enough to do justice to the impact you have had in my life. Thank you for raising my standards in all aspects even as a little girl, and for teaching me to never settle. It is because of you that I know to always strive for excellence. I miss you everyday. Te Amo.

  To my maternal grandmother, my nana, Amanda Abad Santos Madrigal – you are not the daughter of a national hero for nothing. Your strength and steadfast ways were unchangeable. But your unassuming ways, commitment to your husband, your children and your home-making was exemplar and unparalleled.

To my mother, whose heart knows no bounds – it is because of you that I learn everyday how much more we receive in giving, and that kindness, although priceless, brings so much light and happiness to the life of others. Thank you for reminding me everyday to exercise prudent judgment, to live with my beliefs, principles and values, and that discernment is not only crucial, but essential.

To my sister, Michaela – I could go on and on – but you will always be my reminder of how important words are. That not everyone deserves them, and sometimes, it is ones silence that can speak volumes and the loudest. You are much wiser and smarter than you ever give yourself credit for, and you are someone I will always be thankful for.

Lastly, to the yayas, the nannies, the guards, the caregivers in my life – alongside you, my parents raised me. You also are family. Thank you for your time, sacrificing your own, your commitment and your dedication to my welfare. Your nurturing, patience and understanding has formed a great part of who I am today. You all are family.

To the women of my world, I will always and forever be grateful. And to all of you reading this today – may you never take the women of your world for granted. While you may not always see eye to eye, remember the times you would not have been able to live without them. Undeniably, women are a force in this world comparable to none.

Next week, I dedicate this space to women from different sectors who sacrifice so much to give us more.