Piolo Pascual's simple life in Batangas

If you're among those missing Piolo Pascual, watch Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's recent vlog.

In it, they featured the hunk actor and his quarantine life in Mabini, Batangas.

Piolo shared the reason why he love his little hideaway there.

"You know, you don't have to fly. You don't have to lock yourself in a room to have your own privacy. Here, you have it... You know, I have areas where I can just have my quiet moments, my quiet time."

Piolo even described it as his "respite" haven. 

"It's whenever I would think of going away the lights, the busyness, the urban living. So here it's all nature -- you see the beach, you see the mountains. I hike around and it's all nature! You see, you hear manok, goats."

According to him, nowadays, the place is more like a "jungle" because he's been trying to focus on nature.

"You know, whatever is around you amplifies it by enhancing the look of the place, with the plants, the trees, then I put up the birdcage. Then we have poultry. Then I'm clearing the place so I can plant more fruit-bearing trees."

Piolo continued he wanted it to be like an "earth village."

"Something sustainable," he said. "So we're doing a zero-waste management, compost recycling, and just make it breathe on its own kind of lives."

"A sustainable life when you plant your own food, you grow your own food, you have your poultry of your fish -- yeah, everything is just, you know, in a cycle so you're a known plantito."

He revealed among his usual routine is waking up before sunrise, then hiking about two hours around the mountain, and get back before seven in the morning. 

Then he works out or swim then work the whole day.

Among the hobbies that he enjoys doing there are scuba diving and construction.

"The reason why I love the city is just because I work, otherwise I'd live here."