Water polo equipment from Europe now in Manila

Published March 12, 2021, 3:36 PM

by Waylon Galvez

MB File Photo

From swimming caps, to balls and training goals, necessary equipment the office of Manila City Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso purchased has finally arrived in preparation for the program to turn the city as the water polo capital of the country.

Dale Evangelista, the man in charge of the program, said that the equipment came from Europe.

“Of course, Mayor Isko wants the best equipment for Manila, that’s why we purchased it in Europe,” said Evangelista, a former superstar of the water polo national team. “We’re all excited with this development, we’re just waiting for its release. Once they’re ready, we’ll start to install it in different venues we identified together with the Manila Sports Council.”

Last January, Domagoso said he wants the city capital to be in the same level as Barcelona in Spain and the province of Kashiwazaki in Japan – all considered the water polo capital in their countries.

Evangelista, who is from Tondo like Domagoso, led the inspection of different aquatic centers with members of the national team and MASCO officer in charge Roel De Guzman. The group approved the Bitas Aquatic Complex, Andalucia Complex, Dapitan Complex Bagong Buhay Complex and the JCC Complex – all under the care of the Public Recreation Bureau.

Evangelista said that residents of the city would be the main target for this program as they hope to develop future national team athletes for water polo – a sport where the country won two silver medals in the Southeast Asian Games, the latest was in 2019 here.

Evangelista said they hope to start the program in mid-April.

“That’s the target, but as for the exact date we still have to finalize. Our main concern is the safety of our participants, the coaches and the officials. We’ll practice all the needed health protocols,” he said.

When the Mayor made known of his plans, Evangelista said they received inquiries from different barangays, although they still have to accept those interested parties.

Once everything is in place, he said the city office would make the announcement on how to be part of the program.

“It’s very inspiring that people from all walks of life – swimmers, or somebody just interested to learn water polo – they’re asking me about the program. That’s why we expect a lot to join,” said Evangelista, a member of the national water polo team coaching staff and chairman of Barangay 56 in Manila.