OMG! Heart Evangelista undergoes surgery

Published March 9, 2021, 6:13 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

No need to worry, it’s no big deal.

But Heart Evangelista indeed underwent an operation recently.

She related how stressful it was for her in a recent vlog.

She shared, “It’s the kaartehan levels but it’s not a joke for me.”

Apparently, her doctors found a minuscule “almost cyst like” bump on her chin.

“I thought pimple. Apparently it’s almost like a cyst so they have to freaking-cut it open and stitch. So they’re going to take this thing out,” she shared. 

Heart admitted feeling “so afraid.”

“I know it’s something, you know, little for some people but I just don’t like getting operations and stuff especially on my face because I scar really, really bad,” she said.

She reiterated she has never done anything to her face except when she was five years old when she got her head stitched after a bump.

In the end, everything went well.

“Just a little bandage with a stitch that they will remove in a few days and I’m gonna go on with my day,” Heart said.

Heart will also have a mole below her right eye removed. 

“They removed that like two times when I was younger but it kept on coming back so I’m taking that out.”