NGCP’s “Green Spark” program reinforces eco-tourism in Guimaras

Published March 7, 2021, 7:00 AM

by Myrna M. Velasco

With the impetus provided by the “Green Spark” corporate social responsibility (CSR) program of transmission firm National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), eco-tourism in the provincial and local governments of Guimaras is being given much-needed shot in the arm.

In particular, NGCP’s project in San Lorenzo, Guimaras wherein it partnered with Bambike Revolution Cycles, local tourism is being reinforced with the use of bicycles that are made with locally sourced bamboo.

On the whole, the transmission company emphasized that its “Green Spark” program is anchored on galvanizing “positive change with the introduction of green and sustainable alternative lifestyle’ within the host communities of NGCP.

For the unique way of eco-tourism promotion through bicycles in San Lorenzo, the firm emphasized that “our efforts will usher in a new milestone in Guimaras which will be centered on biking and to explore the island’s tourist destinations.”

Representatives from NGCP and the provincial and local governments of Guimaras formally launch the Green Spark Project to promote a new eco-tourism milestone in the province.

For that host community of the company, it noted that “bicycling is strongly encouraged as a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of tourism.”

Through that initiative, NGCP asserted that “there is minimal environmental damage,” and that the activity “produces no carbon emissions, promotes health through physical movement and requires little to no public infrastructure to support.”

NGCP indicated that in the production of the bamboo bicycles, its partner Bambike uses “the ubiquitous, locally sourced and sustainable bamboo in making the bicycles,” hence, ensuring that such undertaking is uniquely Filipino.

Apart from its CSR venture in San Lorenzo, NGCP also instituted its Green Spark program in the agricultural community of Macabud in Rodriguez, Rizal where electric vehicles (e-vehicles) that were complete with charging stations had been provided to the community.

The Green Spark program introduced the use of bamboo bicycles from Bambike for sustainable eco-tourism in Guimaras.

As NGCP cited, its Green Spark initiative “embodies what the company envisions for its communities,” and that entails equipping them with sustainable and eco-friendly options to drive development. The company added that such CSR program is parallel to its corporate target in transmission operations, which is to become “responsive to the anticipated increase in power demand consumption and prepared with smart solutions to growing energy dependency.”