Seafarer artist draws Mayor Sotto using choco syrup, toothpicks

Published March 5, 2021, 10:35 AM

by Patrick Garcia

After being hailed as an anti-corruption champion by the US State Department last February 24, Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto’s unique leadership and resolute desire in fighting corruption and poor governance did not just inspire the world but also 22-year-old food artist Jaypee Bacera Magno.

(Photo from Jaypee Bacera Magno/ MANILA BULLETIN)

Magno, a seafarer by profession, drew the mayor on a loaf of bread using only chocolate syrup and toothpicks on Thursday (March 4). He said that it took him approximately one hour to finish the piece.

“Namangha po ako kay mayor noong ginawaran siya ng parangal bilang isa sa mga anti-corruption champions ng US at dahil doon, gumawa po ako ng artwork nya (I was inspired by the mayor when he was awarded as one of the Anti-corruption champions by the US and because of that, I made an artwork of him).” Magno said in an interview with Manila Bulletin.

“Gusto ko rin po kasing relevant yung artwork na maisheshare ko sa Facebook (I also want to share relevant artworks made by me on Facebook).” he added.

The Iloilo native’s passion for creating artworks using food started when he was on quarantine from November to December last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He started experimenting with drawings using different kinds of condiments and even toothpaste.

“Nagstart po ako sa ketchup na binibigay kasabay ng meal namin. Una ko pong ginawa nuon si MU (Miss Universe -Philippines) Rabiya Mateo po then nanotice nya at shinare nya sa facebook nya hehe. Then tinry ko po coffee powder, toyo, colgate, cinnamon powder, at ngayon po Nutella at choco syrup (I started from using ketchup that was being given together with our meals. The first one I drew was Miss Universe-Philippines Rabiya Mateo and when she noticed it, she shared it on Facebook. After that, I tried drawing using coffee powder, soy sauce, colgate (toothpaste), cinnamon powder, and now Nutella and choco syrup).” Magno said.

“Don’t be afraid to take some risks if you want to create something new or something different. Explore your creativity lalo na ngayong pandemic (especially during this pandemic), you can always create a masterpiece gamit lamang yung mga bagay-bagay na makikita sa ating bahay gaya ng food, condiments, at mga spices (using things you can normally see at home like food, condiments, and spices). And through that, you can also inspire some aspiring artists to explore and make them realize na art has no limits,” he added.

Mayor Sotto was cited by the US State Department for establishing a transparent approach to governance in order to stop kickbacks in city projects and dealings which often lead to corruption.