Antipolo contact tracing QR code now valid in Mandaluyong City

Published March 2, 2021, 9:39 AM

by Nel Andrade

The Antipolo City government’s contact tracing system, Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 QR Code, can now be used in Mandaluyong City.

(Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 / MANILA BULLETIN)

On Monday, March 1 it was announced that Antipolo’s Bantay COVID-19 QR Code and Mandaluyong’s MandaTrack are already interconnected.

With the interconnectivity of the contract tracing system of the two cities, residents of Antipolo can now enter establishments in Mandaluyong City by just showing the Bantay COVID-19 QR Code.

Prior to the tie-up with Mandaluyong, the Antipolo City government has also linked its contact tracing system with Valenzuela City and Pasig City enabling residents of the three cities to use QR codes generated by their respective localities whenever they enter establishments that require the code’s use.

The Antipolo Cty government, through City Ordinance No. 968-2020, has mandated establishments and those entering their areas, and even public transportation services, to use the Antipolo Bantay COVID-19 QR Code Tracing system within the city prompting business establishments, including supermarkets, and food chains to refuse entry for individuals who do not have the QR Code.

Residents, those working in Antipolo, and even visitors who have not yet signed up for the contact tracing system can go to