Kirk Hammett still hopeful of metal's comeback

Known for his legendary guitar skills and distinct persona, Metallica's Kirk Hammett shared his thoughts on how he believes metal will be able to make a comeback.

He told Guitar World in a recent interview, "I’m not a musical snob, and I don’t want to talk sh** about other genres of music, but I will say that guitar has taken a huge backseat and it’s really not as popular as it used to be. And that’s fine. I’ve been in this place before – in the early ’80s it was all synths and New Wave and whatnot, but then guitar came roaring back with a vengeance.”

This is where Guitar World said, "“That’s true, when Metallica first came out, a lot of rock music was seen as 'dinosaur music.'”

Hammett replied, “Exactly. So I’m hoping it’ll roar back. Because nowadays it’s easier to learn how to play guitar than ever before. The resources are right at your fingertips. It’s a phone away, you know?"

Hammett went on to explain how hard it is to pick a guitar hero nowadays because there are so many good guitarists mixed with those who are just doing "great musical gymnastics."

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