Moira dela Torre reveals why she picked JoshLia for 'Paubaya' music video

Two weeks after releasing the music video of "Paubaya," award-winning singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre is now ready to share the story behind the whole thing.

According to Moira, former reel and real couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto were already on her mind just after they finished the song.

"We already knew that we really wanted Josh and Julia to do it," said she.

It was easy because she has been friends with both for years. 

"And just becoming friends with them and getting to know how good they are, how kind they are, how professional they are -- it was that time also that Jason (her husband) and I started becoming their biggest fans on and off-screen. We love them so much!"

Though she pointed out that even without the friendship, she and Jason would still be the duo's "biggest fans."

"And I am really, really happy that it was them. I can't imagine 'Paubaya' having any other actor," she said. "You could really see the new relationship that Josh and Julia have found and the freedom they found also being on set again. And also us, just watching them, seeing our story come to life. We really learned so much."

Moira also talked about the script.

She said the plan was to make wedding vows to parting vows; putting the lines of the songs all throughout -- that promises freedom in total forgiveness.

She related that just because two people didn't end up together, it doesn't mean it was a failed relationship.

"We can also choose to see it in a way that 'Wow, I got the privilege of knowing and loving and learning from this person even if it was just for a short time,'" she said. "We can choose gratitude over bitterness. We can choose joy over pain. We can choose freedom over guilt and we can choose love, and we can choose forgiveness."

In terms of releasing it on Valentine's Day, she said it's simply because it's the day of "love."

"And a lot of us feel that love is staying together but sometimes love is setting people free," she noted. 

In the description box, Moira thanked everyone who showed their music video so much love.

"Thank you for walking with us and listening to our stories from the Patawad, Paalam Trilogy down to Paubaya. Thank you for finding the beauty tucked in the words of the album that speaks about healing, freedom and forgiveness," she wrote. "Good things come to those who wait. And beautiful things happen when we put our trust in God."