What’s Next Korea: Get your fill of K-drama feels with this lineup of new titles

Published February 26, 2021, 8:06 AM

by Seven Bueno

Netflix announces its 2021 lineup of Korean films and dramas

Viewers are set to expect a lot of new Korean dramas and movies, with just how much Netflix Korea announced in their most recent global press conference.

Min Young Kim

Netflix Global Office’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos alongside Netflix Korea’s VP Min Young Kim announced on Feb. 25, 2021 that the company has decided to support the South Korean entertainment industry with over $500 million to continue producing content.

Other than the $500-million-investment, Netflix also had signed with two new studios in South Korea, which they dubbed “the new global hub for creativity.”

The decision was made after the success of the 80 Netflix-produced Originals in South Korea, with the likes of “Sweet Home” garnering 22 million views globally in just a span of just 28 days, and also the 3.8 million households in South Korea alone who enjoy the entertainment provided by the said OTT Platform.

“Regardless of what race, gender, or where you’re from, we’ll continue to provide you nothing but the best (of South Korean entertainment),” says Min Young Kim.

Netflix also announced that it will be producing more Korean films with Korean content creators.

Manila Bulletin Lifestyle had a chance to get a glimpse of three movies to expect this 2021.

‘Moral Sense’ (2021)

We’re set to hear more details of this upcoming odd-romance movie from Netflix Korea, but Director Park Hyun Jin reveals that it is about the love between a man with an unusual taste in sex, and a woman who inadvertently learns about them, based on the hit webtoon of the same name.

‘Carter’ (2021)

“Carter” is a chase thriller about an agent who wakes up with no trace of his memories, while he fights his way through a mysterious mission. Director Jung Byung-gil will take charge of this upcoming film, after South Korea and the world saw the success of his previous works such as “Confession of a Murder,” “The Villainess,” and “Action Boys,” which won him several awards internationally.

‘Night in Paradise’ (2020)

Though this film had its global premier back in Sept. 3, 2020 in the 77th Venice International Film Festival, Netflix has scheduled its release to a wider audience this April 9, 2021. “Night in Paradise,” directed by Park Hoon-Jung, is a movie about a man who is hunted down by gangsters and a woman who had given up on life.

Other than the movies, we were also able to get the list of upcoming Netflix Original dramas set for 2021. These upcoming series were presented by Vince Bae and Keo Lee, directors of Korean Series on Netflix.

‘Love Alarm 2’

Love Alarm’s second season premieres this March 12. Their love continues on, but the story has been confirmed to be completed by the season’s finale.

‘Kingdom: Asshin of the North’

This is a sidequel to the South Korean zombie sensation “Kingdom.” At the end of Season 2, the appearance of Gianna Jun created a lot of clamor that Netflix decided to push the story a little bit even more for the fans of the series. There’s a lot to expect from the star-studded cast, but we’re set to find out more when it’s finally released.

‘Move to Heaven’

This is a new drama worth catching. Its story revolves around a man named Geu Ru with Asperger’s syndrome, and Sang Gu who happens to be his guardian. They start a trauma cleaning business and help each other uncover the stories left by the deceased. “Move To Heaven” comes this spring.

‘DP’ (Deserter Pursuit)

This upcoming series starring Jung Hae In will be looking into the stories of the young soldiers in Korean military service who try to run away, from the eyes of Private Joon Ho. This is based on the webtoon by Kim Bo-Tong. Netflix is yet to announce an official release date.

‘My Name’

“My Name” is an upcoming Netflix Original Series featuring the story of someone who disguises herself as a police officer to find out the truth behind her father’s death. Han So Hee plays Ji-u, who is out to take revenge.

‘All of Us are Dead’

Of course, with the success of Zombie thrillers these days, Netflix Korea still has another to add to its repertoire. This time, the series is set in a Korean high school, with a zombie virus spreading like wildfire. It’s based on the original webtoon entitled “Now at Our School,” which was a big Wednesday webtoon hit on Naver back in 2009.

‘So Not Worth It’

This upcoming sitcom is a very international series set in the corridors and sidewalks of a university within Seoul. Choi Young Jae of GOT7 and Minnie from (G)I-DLE are just two of the people we sure wouldn’t want to miss on this series coming really soon.

‘Paik’s Spirit’

“Paik’s Spirit” is a Netflix Original reality series starring Korea’s most popular culinary genius Paik Jong Won, and his drinks with different celebrities and professionals from South Korea. Through this series, we’re set to catch his conversations about drinking and life.

‘Silent Sea’

Toward the end of 2021, we’re also set to expect an upcoming space adventure series starring Pinoy-favorite Gong Yoo. He’ll be with Lee Joon and Bae Doo-Na in this story that revolves around a crew of astronauts who venture off to the moon hoping to find the solution to the water and food shortages on earth. The cast and crew have so much to say about the upcoming series, but they’ve got to hold it in since the production is still on going.

‘Lee Su Geun: The Sense Coach’

Lee Su-Geun gets his own stand-up comedy show on Netflix, where he will be doing improvs while coaching with his acute sixth sense also known as the nunchi in Korean. We’ve all been impressed by his performance in different variety shows like “Men on a Mission” and “The Fishermen in the City 2.”

‘Squid Game’

Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo team up on a Netflix Original series about the squid game—a traditional kiddy game played back in the ’80s and ’90s, but this time around it isn’t just all fun, with actual lives and huge amounts of money at stake. With what we’ve seen so far, it’ll be a blast of action and suspense keeping us on the edge of our couches for this Netflix binge.


“Hellbound” is an upcoming Netflix Original series that depicts the supernatural phenomena experienced by people who are condemned to hell after their unexpected encounters with the angels of death. In the series, we will see the creative depiction of the fall of man, which also drove many questions to the cast on the true purpose of humanity on earth. Netflix is also still yet to announce the final release for this highly anticipated drama.

These are just 15 productions that were announced by Netflix today, but knowing how Netflix loves giving its viewers many surprises, we’re sure to see a lot more in between.