OMG! English singer Anne-Marie wants a duet with Miss Everything

Published February 26, 2021, 5:16 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino

Filipino social media darling Miss Everything was recently applauded by English singer Anne-Marie for covering her track “2002” despite mumbling the wrong lyrics.

On the Youtube channel of Warner Music Philippines, the “The Voice UK” coach expressed admiration to Miss Everything’s performance of the song on TikTok, deeming it her “favorite.”

“That might be my favorite cover of ‘2002’ I’ve ever heard so I won’t ever get bored of watching that, just saying, forever. I’ll watch that every week for the rest of my life,” Anne-Marie said.

Anne-Marie was in disbelief when she watched another video of Miss Everything, seemingly performing in certain party.

“So she can actually sing,” she said.

“It was all perfect. She got all the lyrics perfect and it comes to the chorus and I feel like she’s made it her own now. Like, we almost should do a duet, a collaboration, but use her lyrics.”

In the same video, Anne-Marie also reacted to Morissette’s rendition.

“Whoa, her voice is so good! I love her tone! Just so lovely! I could listen to her singing forever. So yeah. she’s better than me.”

Watch here: