MB Daily News Update

Published February 25, 2021, 7:30 AM

by Manila Bulletin

The news cycle keeps on churning even during the EDSA holiday on Feb. 25.

Among the top stories for Thursday are President Duterte’s latest remarks about the country’s COVID-19 vaccine supply and fate of a military deal with the United States.

The story list also includes the police probe on the Quezon City shooting incident, the high demand for Filipino workers abroad, as well as possible back-to-back La Niña events this year.

1. President Duterte addressed the nation Wednesday night, revealing that only a handful of countries secured the bulk of the global supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

The President expects the country’s vice president to take his place in case he contracts a fatal coronavirus disease 

2. In the same televised address, Duterte is uncertain on whether or not he will scrap the country’s visiting forces agreement with the United States.

3. There is no government move to trade Filipino workers in exchange of coronavirus vaccines, the labor department has clarified.


4. The United Kingdom has no plan to link the issue of the COVID-19 vaccine supply with the recruitment of nurses, according to British Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce. 

5. The Palace, on the other hand, apparently finds nothing wrong with the proposed deployment of health workers to countries sending COVID-19 vaccines. “More is better than less,” Presidential spokesman Harry Roque about getting more vaccine supplies.

6. An investigation is now underway to uncover the truth behind the shooting incident in Quezon City where two cops died.   

7.  Some senators are bent on persuading the government to resume the dry run on face-to-face classes.

8. Austria is among the European nations eager to hire Filipino nurses. 

9.  The country’s weathermen have raised the possibility of a back-to-back La Niña phenomenon later this year.

10. With the new Skyway and other road projects, President Duterte welcomes the easing of traffic congestion along EDSA.

11. Local artist James Abayon Lolo hopes to enroll in a fine arts school once he earns enough money for him and his family.