Derek Ramsay not affected by stress but Ellen Adarna is thinking otherwise

Published February 24, 2021, 4:00 AM

by Robert Requintina

Derek Ramsay

Kapuso actor Derek Ramsey has managed to stay strong and healthy amid the craziness in showbiz.

On Instagram Feb. 23, Ramey calms his stress by having control and simply smiling.

“No stress just smiles!😊😊😊😊 ” wrote Ramsay as he flashed his perfect smile in photo.


But it seems that Ellen Adarna does not believe his post.

In response to Ramsay’s caption, Adarna wrote: “Wehhhhhhhhhh”

Ruffa Gutierrez, neighbor of Ramsay and Adarna, commented: “Dapat lang!!!”

Netizens believe Ramsay and Adarna are an item judging from their social media posts. They think the two celebrities are a perfect match.

But some fans cautioned netizens from judging Ramsay and Adarna.

Netizens have different opinions about Ramsay and Adarna’s rumored affair. Here are some of their reactions:

“They are all public figures.. We are their viewers.. We tell things out based on what they portrayed.. So you can’t blame people with strong opinions and tell them they’re judging the ones involved.. It’s just a matter of fact based on what we see to them based on their actions.. No hate madam, just stating.”

Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay

“Dont be rude.. give them respect!”

“So whut??? Nag eenjoy nman sila. They attract each other, they’re both single and they are happy being together. Let’s just support each other’s happiness na lng po and mind your own.”

“Hello, not just because they are artists we have the right to judge them and are entitled to say anything against them?. Still it is their life. We do now own them. They are even good for not hiding their private life in public. Still they are entitled to their own happiness.”

“Sana kau na talaga ang match made in Heaven. hindi namn naging maganda ang mga nakaraan pero alam ko may mga natutunan at sana last na kau pareho sa isat isa.”