‘Mister Donut on Wheels’ now offered to franchisees

Published February 23, 2021, 7:29 PM

by Edgard Hilario

Mister Donut has launched an innovative franchising package dubbed “Mister Donut on Wheels” that will expand the doughnut chain’s reach to provincial areas where it has no existing stores yet. Cherryl B. Carino, Franchise Management Head at Mister Donut, said for an investment of around P650,000, entrepreneurs in Zambales, Ilocos Sur, Aurora Quezon, Cebu, Leyte, and Zamboanga may now start a “Mister Donut on Wheels” business that has been proven to be profitable even in the time of community quarantine. 

“Before the pandemic, “Mister Donut on Wheels” is just complementary to a franchisee’s physical store. On a daily basis it goes from one community to another to conduct selling activities,” Carino shared. “ When quarantine protocols were implemented because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mister Donut on Wheels became relevant as an independent business format because of its capacity to go where customers are and sell doughnuts, baked goods, coffee mixes, bottled water, and frozen meal items that are ready to cook or ‘just heat & serve meals’ in areas where people have limited mobility.”

The P650,000 franchise cost includes the discounted franchise fee of P54,000, signage and murals, equipment, permits and other documentation, and fabrication. The franchisee will need to procure a second-hand multicab or L300 van separately.

“Availees of the Multicab and L300 Mister Donut on Wheels franchise package can also opt to upgrade it to a fleet franchise. The franchisee can station the multicab or L300 van-type Mister Donut on Wheels in the market or other areas with high foot traffic. To widen the coverage, the franchisee has the option to set up another Mister Donut on Wheels either on a trike, e-bike, racal, or buddy trailer, which can go around the communities. No additional franchise fee will be charged for these complementary types of Mister Donut on Wheels,'” Carino said. “The Mister Donut on Wheels is perfect in today’s condition because mobility is not back to normal yet and the franchisees can sell right in front of the homes of their customers.”

For the trike type, the additional investment is around P180,000 (including the trike, showcase, and fabrication). For racal, the cost is around P250,000 (including the design and fabrication, asset and signages, and permits and licenses). 

“The outlets that operate Multicab and L300 van types of Mister Donut on Wheels recorded average gross daily sales of P8,700. This amount doubles during holidays, like the recent Valentine’s Day celebration, or special events initiated by LGUs and barangays. With cost-efficient labor and no lease-related expenses, return on investment is projected at 1.5 years or earlier,” Carino said. 

Interested applicants outside of Zambales, Ilocos Sur, Aurora Quezon, Cebu, Leyte, and Zamboanga may still apply for the Mister Donut on Wheels franchise business, but their routes will be subject to approval.