Julia Barretto is looking forward to having lots of babies

Published February 23, 2021, 4:45 PM

by Neil Ramos

She is to celebrate her 24th birthday next month but Julia Barretto is actually already planning beyond that.

In her sister Dani’s vlog, the actress revealed how she aims to be a mother in five years time.

She said, “I hope that in five years I already have a child and my own family…that’s just really it, that’s the perfect age.”

Mind she doesn’t mean just one or two, she wants a whole “tribe.”

“I want a tribe, I want a bunch,” she maintained.

Apparently, Julia believes her purpose in this world “is to be a mother so, I don’t feel so fulfilled because (I don’t have a baby yet).”

Julia didn’t exactly detail if she is already working on fulfilling that aspect of her life or if she actually already met the father of her would-be kids but she is in a “happy place” right now.

And she doesn’t mean romantically.

“Because yung mga chismoso, chismosa pag happy, pag heart is happy…kailangan ba love life agad? Masaya ako kasi masaya family ko, masaya ako kasi happy ako sa friends ko, masaya ako kasi happy ako sa mga work na gagawin ko, kaya happy ako, happy ako sa bahay ko. Alam mo yun? I am very happy, because I learned the two important ingredients in life contentment and gratitude.”

In short, you still have to keep guessing if she and Gerald Anderson are really an item.

WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/4fpFLPHgp1g