These men reveal their solution to hair loss

Published February 20, 2021, 11:30 AM

by MB Lifestyle

Yes, it’s authentic and FDA-approved.

Patrick Tulfo and Steven Yu revealing their solution to hair loss

Hair loss sucks, doesn’t it? It can ruin our physical looks, decrease our confidence, and deepen our insecurities. For most guys, hair loss is a shining beacon that attracts unwanted attention. Specifically, jokes that can get a little too personal and below the belt.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some banter here and there, but when you’re the center of everybody’s attention, it can hurt. What others don’t realize is that hair loss is no laughing matter.

If you remember seeing lolo or tito get more camera-shy every annual reunion, it may be because of his thinning hairline and increased baldness. Needless to say, struggles of balding become more apparent as we age. And if they’re suffering from it, so could you.

Men who suffer hair loss tend to share the same experiences: hair falling out in the shower or avoiding a comb before going to work. This cycle can crush anyone’s hope for hair regrowth. The truth is: for some, genetics and other factors hinder hair from looking luscious and vibrant like it once did.

It especially sucks for Filipino men. A study from the Philippine Council for Health and Research Development (PCHRD) states that at least 50% of them would experience hair loss by the time they turned 40.

Luckily, there’s a miracle solution available to all men: one that tackles the problem of hair loss by the roots… literally.

Unlike other guys who are stressing about their hair loss problems all night long, TV and radio host Patrick Tulfo has left his worries in the past after regularly using the Filipino-made, Medic Hair for men.

As a public figure, Patrick Tulfo thought it best for him to prevent his scalp from showing its shine with proper scalp and hair care. Now, with Medic Hair for men, his crowning glory is slowly and surely growing back.

“I experienced thinning hair when I reached the age of 40. Mas maraming nalalagas. ‘Yung tumutubong buhok na kapalit di na gaanong kakapal,” Tulfo recalls. “After only using it for 2 months, it was legit and very effective!”

Specifically formulated for men, Medic Hair is beyond your ordinary hair growth product from the Philippines. It tackles Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the root cause of hair loss among men, head-on. Medic Hair’s arsenal of weapons against hair loss are Saw Palmetto, an effective DHT-blocker to keep hair from falling, and Ginseng Extract, a scalp-stimulant that encourages hair regrowth.

Thus, many consider it as the “miracle hair loss solution.” Without the need for special shampoos and conditioners, a single bottle of Medic Hair is all it takes to help you achieve hair regrowth (so long as you religiously apply it every day!)

Another man on the screen, model-actor, Steven Edward Yu has acknowledged how Medic Hair played a major role in helping him retain his hair and confidence.

“I guess the secret is out,” Yu says. “Medic Hair’s working really well. I wish I discovered this product years ago.”

For DJ and brand manager, Lucio Pua, his experience on such originates as something hereditary.

“It’s bothering me, especially in my line of work and promoting my liquor brands. It’s a hassle,” Pua admits, having played music in parties before the pandemic. For him, it’s hard to be the hype-man when your confidence level is running low. “After regularly using Medic Hair, my hair loss problem became less of a concern.”

With the pandemic still on the horizon, a lot of us have turned to online shopping for a tiny piece of normality and control. In fact, don’t you get a fleeting satisfaction whenever a new package arrives and a rush of cutting it open? Discovering a new product like Medic Hair for men might be your next new obsession as customers from all walks of life on Facebook, Shopee, and Lazada have praised Medic Hair’s unbeatable formulation, noting that their hair growth is “thicker than usual” and emphasizing that “five stars are not enough” to rate Medic Hair.

Countless men have experienced the miracle-like results of Medic Hair.

An eye-catching result from Medic Hair’s Facebook page is a user (bottom right corner on the photo above) who once had balding spots or patches behind his head, a noticeable symptom of Alopecia Areata, which is an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss. After two months of regularly using Medic Hair, the user’s patches significantly lessened until they were no longer noticeable. This gives hope for men in the same situation.

Currently, Medic Hair for men is available at Shopee, and Lazada for P1,790 per bottle, good for one to two months of regular use!

You also might have seen Medic Hair banners reminding you that with Medic Hair, “May pag-asa pa ‘yan, pre!”

Got questions or clarifications? Feel free to visit or better, follow Medic Hair on Facebook and Instagram to also see more verified testimonials and reviews. Interested resellers are highly welcome, too!