WILLING VICTIM? Ellen Adarna on Derek Ramsay: 'Dito tayo sa gwapo, di pa masyadong lugi...'

The single mom is having a blast hanging out with Derek Ramsay and she couldn't care less what people might feel or think about it.

Ellen Adarna made this clear via social media with a fan cautioning her that Derek Ramsay is doing all he could simply to charm her pants off, even going on to comment on everything she posts on social media.

Said one fan, "Papansin masyado si Derek kay Ellen!"

Added another, "Binobola lang niya yan!"

They didn't like it also that Derek is being sweet to Elias, Ellen's son with ex-BF John LLoyd Cruz -- to the point that he actually lulls him to sleep.

That said, there are those who were quick to defend Derek.

One of them said, "Kung si Derek Ramsay lang naman ang mambobola, why not?"

Not surprisingly, Ellen reacted favorably to this saying, “Diba nagpapabola nga tayo minsan sa pangit eh… dito nalang tayo sa gwapo di pa masyadong lugi looool..."

Makes sense.