Regrowing cut flowers from a bouquet

Flower bouquets have long been part of many special occasions. If you’ve ever received a bouquet and wonder if you can still grow the flowers in them, the answer is yes. 

Sadly, many cut flowers from flourishing plants are only turned into temporary home decor as a way to bring life to an idle space. But given the right growing requirements, it is possible to make them thrive again. 

Planting bouquet flowers directly on a plot won’t give one a positive outcome, but rooting their stems first is a possible way for  cut flowers to survive. Cut flowers are separated from the roots therefore, you need to develop their roots first.

With the right care, it is still possible to grow roots of many cut flowers like roses and hydrangeas. Many plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs, and trees are propagated through cuttings. For cut flowers, one must immediately propagate them while they are still fresh. Here’s how:

Regrowing flowers through cuttings

Get a flower stem that’s two to six inches long with two to three sets of leaf nodes. The base of the cutting must be below the flower’s lowest nodes. Make sure to cut the stem at a 45-degree angle. Count up to three nodes before you do the top cut. Remove all the flowers and leaves on the lower nodes. Briefly immerse the bottom of the cutting in a rooting hormone then place it in a pot with moist, soilless potting mix. Preserve the plant’s moisture by covering the plant with plastic. You can transfer the plant when roots develop. 

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