JaMill on marriage and having a baby, Toni Gonzaga interviews

Published February 17, 2021, 8:36 AM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

In the latest vlog of Toni Gonzaga, Toni Talks, she interviewed one of the hottest and youngest vlogger couples Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad. With over 12 million subscribers over on their YouTube channel Ja Mill, it was about time that Toni invited them for her viewers to get to know the couple more.

Being together for four years, the couple reminisce how they met and maintained a long-distance relationship for a year. They also met in Facebook, with Jayzam saying that he already had a crush on Camille but his messages were only seenzoned. “Hindi ko kasi siya kilala,” explained Camille.

Toni then proceeded to ask them about how their relationship has been during this pandemic. The couple has been living with a few friends under one roof so it has been one happy “family” at home.

Filipinos being conservative in general, Toni couldn’t resist asking if this setup was okay with both their parents. “Ok naman po. May tiwala naman sila. Tumira ako sa kanila ng ilan taon,” reassures Jayzam. After than, everything happened so fast that they were able to build a house together. “Galing ng pagsasama ninyo, suwerte kayo sa isa’t isa,” observes Toni.

Jayzam added that they both agreed that if they were blessed by God, they will save up so they could build a house and buy a car. Toni asked about the land title to which the couple answered that it’s under both their names.

Toni then proceeded to ask them if they are ready to take their relationship to the next level. Both 23 years old, the two said that they were ready. But Jayzam just want to prepare for the wedding as long as mass gatherings are allowed.

What if an “unexpected blessing” happened? What if Camille gets pregnant? Both answered that they will be so happy, more so Camille. But they have their gals set, and that is to have a baby when they turn 26 years old. “Wedding first,” says Jayzam. Camille also added that they want to have two kids.

The interview ended with Camille overwhelmed with emotions because of the blessings they have been receiving. There are so many challenges, but what’s important is not giving up. “If you give up on someone, you don’t really love her/him,” says Jayzam.

He ends the show with, “Enjoy nyo ang oras, lahat ng bagay kaya niyong kunin, ang oras hindi ny o mababalik.”