Decoding Dior: Everything you need to know about the French luxury fashion house

Published February 16, 2021, 2:48 PM

by Jerico Villamonte

Fashion film director Loïc Prigent and producer Natacha Morice join forces to unveil key symbols and origins of French fashion house Christian Dior.

Loïc Prigent and Natacha Morice

In a video uploaded on Loïc Prigent’s fashion-dedicated YouTube account, producer and now host Natacha Morice presents the codes of Dior fashion. From the origins of the Lady Dior bag and the makings of a Bar suit to why flowers are a mainstay to Dior’s runways, the duo deciphers the symbols and iconic creations of one of the most celebrated fashion houses in the world.

The Saddle Bag

The embroidered Saddle bag

The iconic shoulder bag was first launched on Dior’s summer 2000 runway and then later relaunched in 2018. Socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were seen carrying the Saddle bag, making it 2000’s must-have accessory. In March 2018, the Saddle bag returned as a best-seller of the fashion house and came in different versions: monogrammed, with strap, men’s version, embroidered, and a mini iteration.

The oblique canvas

Dior monogram

This is Dior’s hypnotic monogram featuring overlapping letters of D, I, O, R. This pattern is used for garment linings, bags, apparel, scarves, and of course, the Air Jordan Dior.

The grand soir

The Junon dress

La grand soir is Dior’s collection of couture dresses for red carpet moments, weddings, and royal events. Italian entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni wore one for her over-the-top-wedding back in 2018. One of Christian Dior’s first dresses is the “Junon” dress in 1949, beautifully adorned with embroidered petals.

The people behind the brand

Kim Jones and Maria Grazia Chiuri

The house of Dior was founded by Christian Dior back in 1946. Today, Maria Grazia Chiuri is responsible for designing its womenswear line, while Kim Jones takes on for men’s. Victoire de Castellane is responsible for jewelry and Cordelia de Castellane takes the reign for Dior Maison and Baby Dior. For perfumes, Francois Demachy is the lead nose, and for the brand’s makeup collections, Peter Philips is the point person. The fashion house’s muses are Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp, Natalie Portman, Robert Pattinson, Bella Hadid, and Charlize Theron.

The Bar suit

The Bar suit

In 1947, Monsieur Dior invented a silhouette of a tightened waist jacket inspired by military wear from the Second World War. The Bar jacket took its name from the Plaza Athénée bar which the designer frequently visited. As years came, every Dior fashion show featured different variations of the Bar suit including lace, embroidery, raffia, and jeans.

The Lady Dior

Lady Dior bag

Created in 1995, this bag pays homage to the late Lady Diana, who was also the first wearer of the iconic accessory. The bag references “Lady Di,” as in Lady Di-or. Also known as the bag of first ladies, Lady Dior took inspiration from the Napoleon III chairs that were used during the shows.

The reoccurring emblem

The star emblem

This reoccurring motif in Dior’s creations is more than just a shape. Monsieur Dior stumbled upon a star on the ground when he was about to create the brand, and as his superstitious self, he decided to incorporate the emblem in his creations. The emblem (which is sometimes hidden) is now seen on shoes, bags, and even lipsticks.

Dior’s fashion calendar

Dior fashion calendar

There are eight Dior fashion shows in a year. In January, the fashion house plays host to its men’s and haute couture presentations. February is for women’s ready-to-wear. May is Dior’s cruise collection for women, and in June, the men’s version. In July, haute couture is once again presented while September launches women’s ready-to-wear. By December, it’s menswear once more.

Field of flowers

Christian Dior

Dior has always loved flowers. Before he passed away in 1957, he was even planning to become a florist. Lily of the valley and roses are his favorites, and it’s also a tradition for the house to make crinoline dresses made of flowers. Back when he was still alive, Monsieur Dior gives lily of the valley to his employees every 1st of May, which is still carried out through this day.

The feminist t-shirt

Feminist t-shirt

Established by Maria Grazia Chiuri in 2016 as the first female designer of the house, the creative director made a political stand with the launch of a series of t-shirts. The fashion shows of Dior also featured slogans of feminist theorists.

The Book Tote

Woven Book Tote

Inspired by the shopping bag of the Galignani bookstore, found on Rue de Rivoli in Paris, this tote is dubbed to be the new classic. Its woven nature makes it very resistant. Also, its travel friendly size fits perfectly on the top compartment of an airport cart.

Aside from these, Natacha also features Dior signatures like the houndstooth, the Prince of Wales, the bees, and the medallion on the video. To watch the Dior code episode, click here.

Screenshots from Loïc Prigent Youtube channel.