‘Nanay’ goes viral for using store’s demo laptop to connect with her family

Published February 15, 2021, 11:39 AM

by Jel Santos

A photo of a mother using a demo laptop to connect with her family at a gadget store in Makati City has gone viral on social media after a netizen posted her touching photo.

Photo from Walter So/ MANILA BULLETIN

Walter So said the mother, around 50 years old, frequently goes to the store to use the demo laptop for free so that she could open her Facebook and chat with her family on Facebook.

Personnel  at the gadget store refer to her as “Nanay” (mother).

“She can’t afford a gadget to be able to connect with her family and so she frequents the store so that she can use the demo MacBook and free internet and chat with her family and check her Facebook,” he said in his Facebook post.

 “Knowing the motherly value of selflessness, I’m sure she is telling her kids she has all that she needs,”So added even as he wondered why she still does not have a gadget of her own.

He lauded the store personnel for being so kind to “Nanay” as they also taught her  how to use the MacBook. 

“I hope the returns they get is tenfold.  This is now my favorite store.”

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, he said many families have not seen their loved ones for a very long time.

“It’s good that technology enables us to at least virtually keep in touch, at least for those who can afford it,” said So. “But for those that can’t, there are people like these employees who give a helping hand.  Good job!”

So added that the photo of “Nanay” also symbolizes “Filipino values of family, strong mothers, kindness, but also our struggles and hardships.”