Cops serenade people in Antipolo City with music, face shields on Valentine’s Day

Published February 14, 2021, 10:52 PM

by Nel Andrade

ANTIPOLO CITY — Uniformed police personnel serenaded passersby and motorists here with music, flowers, and face shields on Valentine’s Day, making the occasion in a busy portion of this city romantic.

(Photo from Antipolo PNP Facebook page/ MANILA BULLETIN) 

The Rizal Police Provincial Office (PPO) band played love songs during a free concert held outside a mall at the city proper in the morning.    

As the live music was playing, policemen from the Antipolo Police Station positioned themselves in several locations to give flowers and face shields to female passersby.

Policewomen, on the other hand, gave face shields to male passersby and motorists, sending positive vibes not only to those who received the Valentine’s gift but to everyone else who witnessed the rare occasion here.

Passersby photographed  flowers and face shields giving by uniformed policemen and women.