The Isuzu Traviz Ambulance is ready for emergencies

The Isuzu Traviz is steadily becoming the favored vehicle of both public and private entities for efficient and effective multi-purpose duties. Besides serving as multi-purpose light truck and passenger vehicle, the Traviz can also be converted into an emergency response vehicle.

Traviz in Tiaong

From Left: Rolan Isaac Torres, Truck Elite Sales Executive; Mario Ojales, Dealer Sales Department Head; Joseph Bautista, Division Head for Sales; Mayor Ramon Preza, Municipal Mayor of Tiaong Quezon; Marcial Tolentino, President and General Manager, Isuzu Pagbilao; and Marcel Joseph Tolentino, Sales Director Isuzu Pagbilao.

The progressive municipality of Tiaong in Quezon Province now has a fleet of Isuzu Traviz light duty trucks.

 In a simple turn over ceremonyheld last January 11, Isuzu Philippines Corporation turned over 25 units of its lightweight truck, Traviz, fitted with emergency response-type utility van body to local officials of Tiaong at the municipal grounds.

 IPC executives, led by Sales Division Head, Joseph Bautista; Dealer Sales Department Head, Mario Ojales; and Dealer Sales Section Head, Danny Nunez, along with officers of the facilitating dealership Isuzu Pagbilao, namely its President and General Manager, Marcel B. Tolentino; Sales Director, Marcel Joseph A. Tolentino; and Truck Elite Sales Executive, Rolan Isaac Torres; were on hand to turn over the Traviz units to Tiaong officials led by Mayor, Ramon Preza; Vice Mayor, William Razon; and Councilor, JP Preza. The event was graced by 25 barangay captains of the municipality, to whom each unit will be assigned.

 In his special message, Bautista reiterated that, through the Traviz, IPC continues its strong partnership with various sectors of Philippine society, especially in public service, in order to fulfill its commitment to be “Your Responsible Partner”. 

 “We are confident that these Isuzu Traviz lightweight trucks will perform even beyond expectations for the differentbarangays here in Tiaong, and you can count on its durability and reliability that your municipality made a very wise investment in purchasing these Isuzu trucks—because an Isuzu truck really goes a long way,” he said.

Traviz in Laguna Technopark

From left: Haruyuki Kurihara, LTAI Governor & Vice President of Toshiba Eqpt. Phils., Inc.;
Dave Yandoc, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC), Assistant Vice President for Administration; Shojiro Sakoda, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC), Executive Vice President; Hajime Koso, Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC) President; Masatoshi Sasaki, LTAI Vice-Chairman & President of Panasonic Manufacturing Phils., Corp.; Tetsuya Nakao, LTAI Treasurer & Vice President of Nidec Phils.; Delfin De Guzman, LTAI Governor & Senior Vice President of Honda Cars Phils., Inc.; and Wellington Ong, LTAI Governor & President of Orient Goldcrest Realty.

In a simple ceremony on January 15, led by IPC President, Hajime Koso and LTAI Vice Chairman Mr. Masatoshi Sasaki, IPC turned over to the Laguna Technopark Association Incorporated (LTAI) an Isuzu Traviz lightweight truck fitted with a customized ambulance body, which the latter purchased to add to its emergency operations inside the park.

On the same day, IPC showed it continuous support to LTAI by donating one unit of Isuzu PUV, to help augment the association’s daily operations shuttling its park employees and tenants.

 In his speech, Koso lauded LTAI for its deep and genuine concern for its people, especially in the midst of a raging pandemic.

“Times like these are indeed difficult as the crisis stretches on. That is why we need companies like LTAI that are willing to go above and beyond mere business by putting their employees and tenants first. IPC has vowed to provide support to such an organization with a heart for making other people’s welfare a priority.”

Isuzu Traviz Ambulance and Modern PUV

 “IPC is delighted to help LTAI transport COVID-19 suspected patients to hospitals or any healthcare facilities. We firmly believe that these Isuzu PUV and Isuzu Traviz ambulance—with its renowned durability, comfort, and safety—would support your future operations in terms of providing swift, efficient, and unhampered transportation.”

Aside from the Traviz Ambulance unit, LTAI is also set to purchase another Isuzu light commercial vehicle, an Isuzu D-Max pickup to be used as a security service unit with in the year.

IPC’s main office and manufacturing plant is  located inside the Laguna Technopark Inc. (LTI). LTAI was established on October 24, 1991 to further increase harmonized business transactions and communication among the LTI locators by responsibly securing and maintaining the technology park’s common areas.

The versatile Traviz

The Isuzu Traviz is powered by the Euro 4-rated 4JA1 2.5-liter Direct Injection Common Rail Blue Power diesel engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission. It is rated to carry up to 1.6 tons of payload, the heaviest in the lightweight truck category. This makes it ideal for the Traviz to offer numerous advantages, such as interior cab spaciousness with wider cabins and better legroom, and a more ergonomic and comfortable—thus safer—driving position. Better maneuverability and the short turning radius of 4.5 meters make the Traviz ideal for multi-purpose trips in various barangays.

Isuzu Philippines is committed to providing comprehensive aftersales and nationwide parts availability. To know more about the Traviz and the rest of Isuzu Philippines’ roster of commercial vehicles, log on to, or call your nearest Isuzu dealership.