Look: Laguna hot spring resort has a gender-friendly contact tracing form

Published February 12, 2021, 10:58 PM

by Johannes Chua

We have all answered a ton of contact tracing forms at the entrance of restaurants, coffee shops, malls, and even the market. So, it was a pleasant surprise to fill up a “gender-friendly” contact tracing form in this hidden hot spring resort in Brgy. Pansol, Calamba, Laguna.

RR Resort Hot Springs, where we have been going to regularly for a decade now, is now open. What’s nice with this resort is when you rent a cottage, you will have your own mini hot-spring pool. You don’t have to be lumped together with strangers in the bigger public pool as you can have your own pool party with your family and friends. The cottage we usually get is the one for five people (almost P6,500 for a 12-hour stay), and there is an additional fee if your group exceeds five persons.

Though RR is not new anymore and signs of aging are seen all over the place, nevertheless the rooms and bathrooms are clean, the beds are comfortable, the air-conditioning works well, and did I mention the pool filled to the brim with hot, hot spring water?

The mini hot spring pool is a feature in all the cottages.

We always go back to this resort since aside from the privacy, the hot spring water is so soothing. It also stays warm for a long time. Unlike other pools outside Pansol, the water of this one doesn’t have a chemical-like smell and there is no itch or stickiness on your skin even if you stay at the pool for hours.

One of the cottages for rent at RR Resort. Each cottage has an outdoor area with a mini pool

Going back to the contact tracing form, we found out that other guests of RR appreciated the fact that it has a check box for LGBT members. Though we are not sure if only RR has this kind of form (or if their management and staff are even aware of the positive impact this has projected), it was the first time for our group of six to encounter this after signing hundreds of contact tracing forms.

R&R Resort’s contract tracing form includes a checkbox for LGBT members

So, for being very gender-sensitive amid these times of prejudice and bigotry among some, allow us to give a hearty shoutout to RR. And if you plan to dip your weary (cabin feverish) body in a hot pool of soothing water, look no further. RR is just an hour away when you enter the South Luzon Expressway. Just type in R & R Resort Calamba in Waze. Once you are along the National Highway, just turn right where the E. Barretto Elementary School is located.

P.S. If you are worried about health protocols, the resort only accepts bookings with reservations. This allows your group to be “insulated” from other groups. The resort’s public pool is still off limits. You are allowed to bring in food (you can also cook as a griller and stove are provided) and enjoy all the drinks you want (no corkage!).