These businesses will bring fortune this Year of the Metal Ox

Published February 11, 2021, 4:10 PM

by Jessica Pag-iwayan

Feng Shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez lists business fields that will prosper this 2021

2020 caught us by surprise. As we enter a new journey this 2021 or the Year of the Metal Ox according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, some might be wondering what are the things we should forward to this year or what sources of income we can venture into, especially, now that our economy continues to lose steam. 


During the recently held EastWest Priority Lifestyle series 2021 last Feb. 10, Feng Shui expert Patrick Lim Fernandez answered these concerns. According to Patrick, we might be still living in unprecedented times, but this year will be a lot calmer than 2020, as we all slowly adapt to the new normal. 

“This year, fortunately should be a lot calmer. Last year was a young metal which was more similar to a sword or an axe. This here is a yen metal which has to do more with like a ring or a piece of jewelry,” he says. “And because of that, there’s going to be a charismatic energy this year, where people will generally gravitate toward each other.” 

Despite having a calmer energy, he reminded everyone the importance of knowing thyself. “Leverage this by knowing your strengths and being honest with yourself, and then just being genuine and then projecting your talents, you should be able to capture this energy this year,” he says. “And then also, it’s important to know that all that glitters is not gold, so go for substance over style always and go beyond appearances.” 

MB CNY 2021: Prosperity and Positivity in the year of the mighty Metal Ox

In Chinese calendar, 2021 is the Year of the Mighty Metal Ox which is said to be a good and auspicious year. Let’s find out what's in store for 2021 as our very own Manila Bulletin associate editor Ms. Jullie Yap-Daza talks to a Feng Shui expert about health, business, love and many more.You may also grab a copy of the Manila Bulletin Newspaper today (February 10, 2021) that comes with a special Chinese New year supplement.

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On wealth and business
When in comes to wealth and business, Patrick said that fire and wood are the lucky elements. Here are the some businesses or fields related to fire and wood. 


  • Technology
  • Energy
  • Food 
  • Social media and communications


  • Home industry (furniture design, architecture, etc.)
  • Education
  • Consultancies
  • Journalism
  • Legal

For those who are in doubt about the power of feng shui, Patrick explained that this not simply a tradition, but is a way of having a harmonious relationship with nature based on science. 

“In terms of what feng shui is, at the very basic level translated from Chinese, it means wind and water simply that. And it’s really living in harmony with the energy of nature and the environment, and the key word really there’s energy,” he says. “It’s based on science and calculations. And some myths I want to dispel is, feng shui is not a religion, feng shui is not fortune telling, it’s not mysticism or anything like that.”