Here's how to prevent hair loss naturally

Hair loss can creep in on any one, at any time, at any age. But, unfortunately, men suffer from it more than women. And once it hits them, it can negatively impact their self-confidence.

With so many products out there, and mostly infused with chemicals, we wonder if there if it's possible to go back to basics. Be more eco-conscious with our choices and use environmentally friendly products.

Hair loss remedies usually equate to the old tradition of using aloe vera. This plant is filled with minerals and vitamins, and it is used to soothe irritated scalp, clean excessive sebum, and hydrate dry scalp. Despite it being an all-natural solution, it can still cause irritation to some people. If not applied properly, it can also worsen the scalp's condition.

Other remedies that you might not have heard of include onion juice that increase blood circulation, coconut milk that eases damaged scalp, and egg mask that promotes hair growth. But no proven claims have been released as testimonials.

Specifically formulated for men, Medic Hair is the newest Filipino-made scalp solution that work as an effective hair loss solution. It's the very first FDA-approved anti-hangover capsules under Nutriplus Laboratories Corporation, and it uses natural ingredients such as saw palmetto extract which boosts hair density and ginseng extract that stimulate hair follicle regrowth. It helps prevent and, at the same time, encourages the regrowth of hair in scalp.

*Medic Hair is available in, Shopee, and Lazada at P1,790 a bottle.