These local IG shops will help you embrace a zero-waste lifestyle

Embarking on a zero-waste lifestyle might mean going out of the comfort zone for some and thus requires a serious commitment. It seems intimidating at first but just like other meaningful journeys in life, it all starts with one brave leap. These local shops found on Instagram may just be the help and inspiration you need as you take part in the long-existing call of saving the planet we all live in.

Kostura (@kostura_)

Looking for sustainable and environment-friendly ways to stay safe and protected against virus transmission? Kostura has you covered. This shop offers "mindfully-made" facemasks created from natural fibers and are 100% sourced from the Philippines. On their Instagram page, one can see a number of positive feedbacks from Kostura's satisfied clients and it's noticeable how they commend not just the beautiful colors of Kostura's facemasks but also their effectiveness in providing protection.

Here's a little trivia: the shop's name "Kostura" actually means stitching in Filipino. Its shop owner shares that each piece they have is made by skillful local artisans whom they have partnered with.

"More than a brand, we are a movement that inspires making mindful decisions in today's instant world. With Kostura, we aim to encourage more people to make thoughtful choices in their everyday life," Kostura shared.

Econest Philippines (@econestph)

Plastic pollution remains a problem in the Philippines and this is what Econest aims to address in their own ways. Through their plant-based eco-friendly packaging which a number of other businesses in the country are already using as well, they aim to promote proper waste management by making sustainable alternatives accessible to many.

Products of Econest include the Cassava bag which is 100% biodegradable, compostable, and is also soluble in hot water. Econest also has eco-friendly printing inks that are vegetable-based, unlike most commercially available inks which are more harmful to nature due to their petroleum solvents. They also offer food containers made from sugarcane that can store hot and cold food and are safe to be used in the freezer, in the microwave, and in the oven.

"Caring for the people and the planet is at the core of the business and even at the business' infancy, the founders latched on its advocacy to educate the community about the use of eco-packaging items," Econest said.

resPAWnsible (

Lessening single-use plastics is also the goal of resPAWnsible with their products targeted to fur parents. They offer plant-based and compostable bags where pet owners can put the stool of their fur babies.

The founder of resPAWnsible shared that the brand came to be after her own observation of how pet parents who usually bring their pets outside, including in malls, are frequently using harmful plastics to clean up after their fur babies.

Their "poopbags," resPAWnsible added, "are not only carefully selected for durability, safety, and function, but also for their minimal impact on the environment."

resPAWnsible also sees to it that even their packaging is environment-friendly, noting that instead of using bubble wrap and the standard shipping boxes, they utilize die-cut kraft paper and other materials that are biodegradable and made from recycled materials.

Paperblooms (

Encouraging more people to be more conscious and to look for environment-friendly alternatives for items and products used on the daily is what Paperblooms banks on, and they’re doing their part by introducing plantable gift cards, tags, and wrapping paper.

A gift tag from Paperblooms can carry, say, up to 30 spinach seeds in them, so after being used to deliver a greeting or a message, they can be directly planted just like how one grows a seed.

The owner of Paperblooms shared that apart from advocating sustainability, a fulfilling part of doing responsible business is meeting people who are also on the lookout for more ways on how to take care of the planet.

"What we've noticed is how a lot of people have actually been looking for more sustainable products and services. In the community we were able to build alone, we got to meet so many wonderful individuals who have also decided to jump start their own sustainable business, and people who simply want to incorporate this zero-waste lifestyle to the best of their abilities," Paperblooms said.

Soak Opera (@soakopera)

For your guilt-free self-care needs, Soak Opera is the store to be. Apart from you're assured that what you're putting on different parts of your body are all safe and natural, Soak Opera's products are also made with the environment in mind. Their products cover haircare, wellness, face and body soaps, lip essentials, and face masks for acne treatment and for radiance.

The founders of this Zamboanga-based sustainable business shared that they decided to build their own skincare brand after realizing that "a lot of ingredients found in most commercial skincare products can potentially cause more harm than good."

They added that the name "Soak Opera" which in urban dictionary translates to "a science fiction or television show which is set in the ocean or underwater" mirrors their belief that skincare should give a sense of escape to people.

"Not only do we want our audience to find the wonder in natural ingredients as treatments to skin problems and as tools for self-care but we also are very adamant about motivating them to be environmentally conscious consumers and to make an effort to give back to the environment," the Soak Opera team said.

Tree Huggers Club (@treehuggersclubph)

A one-stop shop for all your eco-friendly daily necessities, Tree Huggers Club has a wide range of products for essentials like kitchenware, school and office supplies, fashion items and accessories, and even for personal care.

The team behind this local store shared that the items they have are mostly handmade by Filipino artisans and craft makers.

"Our advocacy has always been to provide Filipinos with simple and affordable eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for daily needs while supporting local artisans as well. We try to avoid outsourcing to bring job opportunities to Filipinos," Tree Huggers Club said.