Robredo asks critics, trolls: If you think I don't stand a chance, why waste time, money on me?

Vice President Leni Robredo is wondering why her critics and online trolls are wasting their time going after her if they do not think she has a chance of winning the presidential elections.

Vice-President Leni Robredo (OVP / Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN)

Robredo made the statement after her detractors launched a counter-campaign against her supporters who are urging her to run for president in 2022.

In her radio program on Sunday morning, Robredo said she was surprised why these people were wasting their time on her.

"Nagugulat ako kasi sinasabi nila 'Kulelat sa survey', 'Wala 'yan, hindi 'yan mananalo'. Eh, bakit pinag-aaksayahan nila ako ng panahon (I'm surprised because they are pointing out that I am last in the surveys and that I won't win. If that's the case, why are they wasting their time on me)?" she said.

"Ang pag-aksayahan nila ng panahon yung mataas sa survey (They should waste their time on those who are high up in the survey)," she added.

According to Robredo, people were even spending money just to employ people to go after her online.

"Ang baba ko naman sa survey, bakit kayo maggagastos (I'm low in the survey so why are you wasting money)," she said.

"Ang daming gumagastos kasi nananahod yung marami eh. Bakit pinagkakagastusan niyo ako (There are people who are spending money because they have to pay people. Why waste money on me)?" she added.

The Vice President said if her critics and trolls think she cannot win the elections, they should just let her do her job.

"Bayaan niyo na lang magtrabaho. Tutal sabi niyo wala naman akong pag-asang manalo sa eleksyon, magtrabaho na lang nang maayos, bakit niyo ako pag-aaksayahan ng panahon (Just let me do my job. After all you are telling me that I don't stand a chance in the polls and to just do my job. Why waste time)?" Robredo said.

Despite the insults and fake news, Robredo said what was important is that she is still able to do her job.

"Tayo naman nandito para magtrabaho. Kahit ganoon yung ginagawa nakatayo pa rin tayo ngayon (We are here to work. Even though they are doing that to me, we're still here standing)," she said.

"Ang dami nilang binuhos na pera para siraan ako pero andito pa rin tayo, nakakatulong pa rin tayo, yun naman ang mahalaga (They've spent a lot of money just to ruin me but I'm still here and able to help. That's what's important)," she added.