IN PHOTOS: Michael Cinco’s ‘Impalpable Dream of Faith’ is the new fashion narrative

Published February 7, 2021, 9:21 PM

by Rey Ilagan

Known to many as the designer of designers, Filipino couturier Michael Cinco dwells in fashion’s past to move forward into its future. The Dubai-based visionary has just released his spring-summer 2021 collection entitled “The Impalpable Dream of Faith.”

Fashion designer Michael Cinco (Photo from Instagram)

From afar, the new offering breathtakingly exudes a new luxurious aesthetic from the designer, and yet up close it profoundly speaks of Michael Cinco signatures with delicate embroideries and richly dense embellishments. 

“My new collection is part of my continuing narrative of what is currently and essentially happening to the world around us. It is ‘The Impalpable Dream of Faith’ and is preceded by ‘The Impalpable Dream of Hope’ that celebrates positivity in life as evident in its vibrancy of colors,” Michael says. “‘The Impalpable Dream of Faith’ is a testimony of our unwavering belief in life and its purpose. It is the spring and summer, leaving behind fall and winter, and and we look forward to a return to the start.”

In this exclusive interview, Michael Cinco shares with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle more of his latest design journey, as well as how he’s navigating the new world of fashion of today.

Textures abound in your latest offering. What was your intention with the paint juxtaposed with embroidery detailings?

Yes, the juxtaposition, for all its intents and purposes, contiguous, like enjoining and uniting our differences and similarities. The collection features richly textured brocade underneath painstakingly hand-painted lace tulle to affect a seemingly simple silhouette, amid a background of barren land awaiting its rain, so the rose flowers could flourish, too.

Your color palette was very muted for a summer collection. What made you decide on this color scheme?

When hope springs eternal, faith is inevitable. I utilized the colors that symbolize 2021: Pantone’s Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray. They are muted colors yet stunning in quietude, with touches of blues and blacks, the very essence of unwavering faith.

Among the looks, which ones are your favorites for men and for women?

Each piece of the collection is distinctly Michael Cinco. Each piece is a confirmation of our earnest commitment in keeping up with the demands of globalized culture and fashion. Each is beautiful and timeless and, therefore, each is a favorite.

How was it like for the Michael Cinco business during this pandemic? What were your challenges? 

As we all know, no one was spared in this pandemic. We were all caught off guard. However, we all aim to be dynamic amid this scourge and “The Impalpable Dream of Faith,” with its play of textures and lines and muted colors speak of our hope, courage, and faith. We shall overcome.

What were your realizations?

I realize that we, as humans, are most vulnerable. And yet, at the very core of our being, we are armed with our survival instinct. It is all up to us how to use it. Life is so precious and short. Let’s make it meaningful and worth the while.

What are your learnings that you’d want to let others know?

Make a difference. No matter what, dream the impalpable dream!

Featured image courtesy of Michael Cinco