Upcoming boy band Alamat takes Filipino streetwear to a new level

Published February 6, 2021, 7:28 PM

by John Legaspi

Alamat’s concept photo style is a modern reflection of Filipino heritage

With the new tunes of Philippine pop genre (P-pop) hitting the charts, and the reemergence of boy bands in the local music scene, the battle now lies in creating unique acts and images to make one stand out among the rest. For upcoming boy group Alamat, making their craft a reflection of the Philippine culture is their way of leaving a mark.

The boy band, consisting of nine members from all over the country, will be debut this month. Apart from showcasing local dialects, neon-lit jeepney, and traditional games in their works, Alamat also wears their culture in their sleeves, merging their fashion choices with Philippine heritage.

Created by fashion stylist and designer Bang Pineda, the reimagined looks present the country’s diverse ethnic arts, from the baybayin, ancient illustrations, textiles, traditional costumes, and folklore, in multi-colored streetwear pieces with graffiti-esque prints, strings and buckle details, and modern silhouettes.

“The major objective in the fashion choice of Alamat in their #AlamatConceptPhoto series is to normalize and integrate Philippine cultural elements in streetwear instead of formal wear,” the band posted. “Combined with the eccentricity of Harajuku, the swag of American hip-hop, and Asia’s cultural confidence, the clothes communicate what Alamat intends to do through their artistry.”

See what they wore below: