Pacquiao supporters form group in Cebu to push for Pacman presidency


CEBU CITY – Believing that “he could be the President that we need,” a movement has been formed to convince Senator Manny Pacquiao to run for President in the 2022 elections.

Sen. Manny Pacquiao (Joseph Vidal/ Senate PRIB/ MANILA BULLETIN FILE)

The Manny Pacquiao for President Movement (MPPM) has grown to at least 190,000 members since it was formed last year.
The bulk of the members are from the Visayas and Mindanao, the group’s president Noreen Tormis said.
“MPPM was formed last year by a group of friends. Only a few people started this. The group grew each day and per our last meeting, we have covered nine regions with respective leaders,” Tormis told Manila Bulletin.
Businessmen, members of brotherhood organizations and common friends of the founders are part of the movement, said Tormis.
“For now, we are still in the planning stage. We are still tapping people, building our network. A lot of people are showing interest. They want to be a part of the movement because they believe in Senator Pacquiao. He might be the President that we need,” Tormis added.
Tormis said the movement believed that among the current personalities who have shown interest to vie for the country’s highest position, it is Pacquiao who has the qualities to become a good President.
“We see in him the honesty, integrity, pureness and genuine intentions. We have tried lawyers, well-educated and someone from the family of politicians and yet they were not able to come up with concrete or the tangibles that the people can really feel,” said Tormis.
The Filipino boxing hero has met the prime movers of MPPM but has yet to decide whether or not to accept the challenge.
“He was happy the last time he met the members. He has no decision yet. He said he would do what the people wants. He is still feeling out the reception of the people. He is studying and still waiting for some signs,” Tormis shared.
Tormis said leaders of MPPM are using their own resources to push the movement’s cause.
And while there is no assurance yet if Pacquiao will heed the movement’s clamor, the MPPM will continue its efforts to muster support from all over the country, Tormis said.
“We are ready to help him in whatever way we can. We are not big-time personalities. We are not someone in power but we will be here to help him because we are hoping that will be the answer that previous leaders have not done,” said Tormis.