LBC workers gear up for strike over CBA deadlock

Published February 1, 2021, 1:19 PM

by Betheena Unite

Here’s a piece of news that could freak out online sellers and shoppers alike.

Workers of courier and remittance services giant LBC are expected to launch a strike after reaching an apparent deadlock in collective bargaining agreement (LBC) negotiations with their employer.

Around 515 members of the LBC Express Employees Labor Union – FSM are expected to join the work stoppage after voting “yes” to strike during a “strike vote” on Sunday, January 31.

Union President Warren Bartolome said in a statement Monday  that “the management’s refusal to listen or understand their demands necessitates no other reasonable response but to prepare their entire membership for a strike.”

The workers are pushing for increase in wages amid the rising cost of basic goods and the “growing workload” brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, which increased demand for courier services.

This issue as well aa the CBA negotiations, Bartolome said, “need to be confronted with solidarity and action by the same workers who only want to improve the lives of their families.”

Socialist labor center Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), on the other hand, expressed support to the union and called on LBC management to not withhold the wage increase the workers have been bargaining for.

“We are monitoring the disputes between workers and large companies such as this. Any action meant to crush workers’ rights will be met with the broadest unity and collective action from the entire labor movement. Workers and unionists will support and defend the legitimate demands of the LBC union!” BMP President Luke Espiritu said.