Laureen Uy’s tips on choosing and maintaining luxury bags

Published January 30, 2021, 2:25 PM

by John Legaspi

Here’s how you can get the ultimate return of investment from your designer bags

Images from @laureen

Purchasing a luxury bag is somewhat a rite passage for some ladies. With their hard-earned cash, they explore the beauty that comes from handbags, looking for the ultimate piece that will symbolize their success and the woman they’re about to be. Sure, they’re expensive, but the craftsmanship and artistry into designing them go beyond monetary value. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that buying one must be a well thought-out decision. And every lady should know that splurging on any luxury piece must come with a great return of investment.

That’s what Laureen Uy talked about in her latest vlog. She deep dived into her own collection of designer bags and shared the ones that made it to the top of her list. In between discussions about her Balenciaga fanny pack and Prada 2005 re-edition bag, she shared a few things to keep in mind when choosing luxury bags and ways to help maintain their good condition. We don’t want to spend thousands on a bag we’re going to wear just once, don’t we?

Always find the most versatile

This goes not just in style but in function. What Laureen’s Balenciaga bags and vintage Fendi purse have common is that they all have universal charm. The bag should be flexible enough that it can carry your stuff whether you’re on a casual stroll in the mall, or in the airport, or while having cocktails at midnight out in the town without compromising style. Always try to look for that chameleon kind of a bag.

Invest on a bag protector

Even if you’re not a fan of white bags, it is best to have a bag protector. A few sprays before taking them out does the trick. It makes cleaning them a breeze and helps your bags look polished for a long time. It’s like the ultimate elixir of life for handbags.

Go for safe colors

If it’s your first time buying a luxury bag, Laureen advised to go for safe colors, which are usually black and brown. Of course, colors are more fun and attention-grabbing. Some hues and combinations, however, aren’t as flexible when it comes to style. So opting for tones in the neutral spectrum can easily help you coordinate the bag with the pieces already existing in your closet.

Choose the classics

This is among the golden rules of buying luxury items: always go for the classic style. Trends come and go, which is why purchasing the “it” bag of the moment is not a smart choice. Classic styles like Chanel’s quilted purses, Prada nylon bags, and Louis Vuitton monogram clutches transcend time.

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