Kyla temporarily deletes social media to take care of her mental health

Published January 28, 2021, 2:24 PM

by Stephanie Bernardino


Singer Kyla is not allowing anyone to steal her peace from her even if it also means staying away from social media.

In her latest post, Kyla shared that she actually deleted her Instagram and Facebook for some days when she felt it was adding to her “anxiety.”

“It’s nice to post pictures of your achievements and stuff like that- and get recognized for it. But I just feel like every time I would open it, someone is passively bragging about an accomplishment, traveling at this time when we can’t travel, getting new projects, etc. It’s led me to always compare myself to others,” Kyla said.

“But anyways, it’s back after 3 days. Guess I couldn’t last more than a week doing this social media diet. I had to download it again, just to connect with my family,” she said.

Kyla wrapped up her post by advising her followers to take care of their mental health. “Sending you love and light.”