K-pop idol group Seventeen’s online concert attended by fans from 122 countries


Seventeen performing at their online concert 'IN-COMPLETE' (Pledis Entertainment) 

K-pop boy band Seventeen’s online concert “IN-COMPLETE” was held on Jan. 23 and it showcased their “performance powerhouse” status among fans from all over the world. 

According to their agency Pledis Entertainment, fans from 122 countries and regions watched the concert. In their first concert in nearly a year and a half, Seventeen performed more than 20 songs in a span of three hours from old favorites to never-before-performed songs from their albums “Heng:garae” and “Semicolon.” 

Seventeen’s unit leaders S.Coups, Hoshi and Woozi opened the concert with “Intro. New World” before members joined in “Bring It,” “MY I,” “Flower,” “Fear” and “Fearless.” They also performed “Fallin’,” their second Japanese single, and “Thanks.”

“Although it’s a little disappointing that we are meeting our fans online and not in person after such a long time, we’re very thankful more than anything else, to be able to meet at least in this way,” Seventeen said. 

They told fans that “we’ve prepared meticulously to show high-quality performances tonight, and we hope our fans enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.”

After singing “Lie Again” and “Kidult,” Seventeen’s units showcased their talent. The hip-hop unit performed “Back It Up,” the vocal unit sang “Habit” and the performance team had “Moonwalker.” 

Seventeen also showed new formations based on their birth years when they performed songs from “Semicolon.” 

The 1995-line’s S.Coups, Jeonghan and Joshua started with “Ah! Love” followed by 1996-line’s Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo and Woozi, which sang “Light a Flame.” The 8, Mingyu and DK of the 1997-line showcased a retro funky performance of “Hey Buddy” while Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino had “Do Re Mi.” Seventeen also sang “Snap Shoot,” “Left & Right,” and “HOME;RUN.” 

The concert’s highlight was when pre-recorded voices of fans serenaded Seventeen with “Us, Again.” Seventeen responded by saying their final remarks and telling fans how they missed them.

“It’s the first time we’re performing in a venue without an audience, and it’s a bit unfortunate,” said Seventeen, adding that they have been “reflecting” for “taking things like being able to meet with our fans for granted and thinking of it as something so natural.” 

Seventeen closed the concert with encore stages for “My My,” “Campfire” and “Healing” and promised fans that they will “prepare even harder in 2021” and “return with upgraded performances and songs to reciprocate the love our fans have given us.” 

2020 became a great year for Seventeen as they became “double million sellers.” On Gaon Music Chart’s album charts for 2020, “Heng:garae” sold 1.37 million to place third overall while “Semicolon” had 1.12 million copies in sales to grab sixth place.