Karen Davila’s autistic son now paints, and he’s so talented!

Published January 25, 2021, 4:22 PM

by Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Last January 15, Karen Davila was especially proud of her eldest son David who falls under the autism spectrum.

“David, our very own Van Gogh,” she posted, explaining that not only is art good for the soul, it’s also a great form of therapy. She further explains that studies have revealed that there is a strong connection between children under the autism spectrum and creative thinking.

“It makes me so proud to see David working. He is so devoted and disciplined in all he does, whether in art or in his studies, it inspires all of us at home,” Karen continues. “Love you so much, David. You are such a precious gift.”

We couldn’t wait to see the final work, and Karen finally shared it yesterday. Over lunch hosted by the family in their home, David showed his work to one of the guests, Gretchen Fullido.

“Proud of you, David. Keep on painting my love,” she ends her post.