Is Sandara Park sick? Fans worried about her swollen neck


Sandara Park on 'Video Star' with a swollen neck (Screenshots from MBC Every 1’s “Video Star”) 

Fans have expressed their concern that something is wrong with Korean star Sandara Park’s health after seeing her on a Korean TV show. 

Sandara, also known as Dara and a former member of K-pop group 2NE1, is one of the hosts of the MBC Every 1 TV talk show “Video Star.” 

During the Jan. 19 episode of "Video Star," people noticed that Sandara’s neck was swollen as it had a lump. Screenshots of her on the show were posted online. Some said Dara’s condition could be a thyroid problem. 

Fans posted messages on Dara’s Twitter account to express their concern about her health and urged her to see a doctor. 

Some of the comments are: 

- “Krungkrung are you okay nooow? We are fudgeeee worried about you. Take care of yourself”

 - “Ati! we are so concerned about you...  I hope you can shed some light about your health.  Nag-woworry kami sa'yo gurl" 

- “All the best for your my dear,remember health is wealth and I always include your good health in my prayers ~ I love you so much"   

- “Workaholic dara!. wag pa rin kalimutan ang kalusugan. pa check up para sigurado. daming nagwoworry sayo.”

- “#Ati How's your Neck?.. Stay Healthy plssss”

- “How's ur Neck unnie? Please take care. Luv u!” 

Korean news site Insight posted a photo of Dara with a swollen neck on Instagram and Korean netizens commented that it could be thyroid. 

- “It does look like a thyroid issue, my dongsaeng's neck looked like this, too,” one wrote, according to Netizen Buzz. 

Others commented:

- “It does look like swelling of the thyroid, she should hurry and get it checked out at the hospital”

- “I'm worried.. I hope it's nothing serious”

- “Looks like Sandara Park has thyroid issues too”

- “Hul, it looks so visible”

Dara has yet to address the issue about her health condition.