Ara Mina recalls #MeToo moment: ‘Yung film director gusto ako halikan’

Published January 21, 2021, 5:33 PM

by Neil Ramos

There is no #MeToo movement to speak of around these parts but it doesn’t mean we have zero cases relating the same.

Just recently, former boldie Ara Mina let slip how one film director tried to make a pass at her back when she was just starting in the biz at the tender age of 16.

She didn’t name names but the 41-year-old hot momma was ready to share details about it.

“At the time, I agreed to do a movie with a mature theme kasi feeling ko kaya ko,” she related.

“I will not mention the name of the film na but ‘yung director, lalaki kasi yung director, binastos ako. Gusto akong halikan.”

it wasn’t as if he just grabbed her.

In the pretext of giving her proper artistic direction, the unidentified film director supposedly asked her: “Marunong ka ba humalik?”

It wasn’t known if he was breathing heavily while saying this.

But Ara was shocked as “gusto niya mismo ituro sa akin, referring to him.”

She maintained that at the time she didn’t have a clue whatsoever about kissing but she bravely answered, “Opo. Kahit French kiss pa nga!”

She explained, “Sinabi ko yun para matigil siya.”

“Na-shock ako kasi sinabi niya yun na andun pa mom ko. Na –trauma ako.”

It didn’t last long, though.

Some two years later, Ara will be launched as the newest “ST” or “Sex Trip” star via the meaningful “Maldita,” where she played the role of a young vixen raring to do more than just French kissing.