SNSD’s Hyoyeon asked to name Korean actress ‘drooling from drugs’ in Burning Sun club


Kim Sang-kyo (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon at Burning Sun club (Kim Sang-kyo’s Instagram) 

K-pop group Girls’ Generation member and DJ Hyoyeon was dragged into the Burning Sun club scandal that forced Big Bang member Seungri to retire from the entertainment industry in March 2019. 

Her name was mentioned by Kim Sang-kyo, a man who complained in January 2019 that he was assaulted at Burning Sun on Nov. 24, 2018, a case which led to the widespread investigation of drugs, prostitution, sexual assault and collusion with the police at the now closed venue in Gangnam, Seoul. 

The Burning Sun scandal led to the investigation of other issues involving several celebrities including Jung Joon-young, FT Island's Choi Jong-hoon, Highlight's Young Jun-hyung and CNBLUE's Jonghyun.

The trial for Seungri, who is facing charges including arranging prostitution and embezzlement, is still ongoing in a military court, which took over the case when he enlisted in the military on March 9, 2020. 

In an Instagram post, Kim Sang-kyo uploaded a photo of Hyoyeon doing a DJing gig at Burning Sun club, wrote the date “November 24, 2018” and asked her to confess on what she saw on that night including naming the Korean actress who was drooling because of drugs. 

“Who is that female actor that was drooling from drugs, preventing the two policemen from station in Yeoksam Police Precinct from entering the club. You would have seen all in the VVIP, Hyoyeon," wrote Kim Sang-kyo, according to Korea JoongAng Daily. 

Kim Sang-kyo added that the Korean actress who was high on drugs in the club that night could be with the initial “H” or “G” and told Hyoyeon “to start to fess up,” saying he is certain that the dozens of celebrities related to Burning Sun will be revealed. 

“I guess you’re all hiding in a house somewhere doing drugs and filming videos. it’s almost over,” he said. He told Seungri that he is waiting for his discharge from the military. 

Kim Sang-kyo added, “I have all your names. It’s your choice now. Either be harassed by me all your life or confess one by one and apologize and be forgiven.”

SM Entertainment and Hyoyeon respond 

SM Entertainment, Girls’ Generation’s agency, and Hyoyeon responded to Kim Sang-kyo’s Instagram post. 

“Hyoyeon only performed as she was invited to be a DJ at the time, and she has nothing to do with the post. Please refrain from speculation and misunderstanding,” the agency said. 

Hyoyeon took to Instagram and posted the same photo that Kim Sang-kyo uploaded and explained what she did in Burning Sun. 

“Come on. Everyone, calm down! I greeted people, had a drink with friends and staff who came to celebrate my performance, had pork belly and went home! I think I saw men and women drooling over each other in the club to hook up but I never saw or heard of a drooling actress, actor, cat or dog,” she said.