Joseph Gordon-Levitt needs your story for a photo taken in Quezon City

Published January 15, 2021, 10:11 AM

by John Legaspi

A few sentences is all he needs

American actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt fascinated Filipinos everywhere with his short film The Beauty of the Philippines, released by his online collaborative media community HitRecord. This time, the Inception and 500 Days of Summer star wants your story for a particular spot in Quezon City.

“Any writers around? Take a look at this photo taken in Quezon City in the Philippines, and then write a story about it in only 1-2 sentences,” he posted.

The photo was taken and submitted by @asdfghkjel, or Jelica Perez on Twitter, to HitRecord as a contribution to the  “Stories of the Philippines” project.

The photo, titled Man’s Best Friends, was taken along 6th Ave. in QC and features a man pushing a cart with his dogs accompanying him.

Joseph invites everyone to post their writing on the project page:

Images are from Joseph Gordon-Levitt Facebook page.