LOOK: Antibacterial, multi-wearable art by Issa Pressman

Issa, the brand, carries hand drawn art pieces with fixed form and versatile function

Multimedia creator Issa Pressman can now add designer to her portfolio, as she releases a collection of must-have wearable art pieces. Issa, the brand, features hand drawn art works as wearable fashion pieces such as scarves, headbands, bandeau tops, head wraps, bandanas, and many more.

The dimensions of the artworks are 27 X 27 inches, and are made of silver-infused polyester material. They are lightweight, and have antibacterial properties. Plus, all Issa art pieces are manufactured and printed locally. 

Currently, there are four designs available for its debut offering. The designs—which are all hand-drawn—feature "linealisms," a term coined by the artist herself with a signature-style of using lines in various sizes and patterns to create form. The pieces are inspired by art movements and the natural world exploring the themes of femininity, beauty in distortion, embracing imperfection, and recognizing uniqueness.


This design expresses the balance in life which is inspired by the principles of Yin and Yang. The details of the designs are mirrored on both sides of the canvas, connoting that both halves are as complex as the other.


This set features the colors and forms of land, fire, water, and air incorporated throughout the linealisms of Element. This design is inspired by the balance of nature and that peace can only be achieved with the perfect balance of all four elements.


This abstract piece portrays the climax of energy change. Energy is built and released when opposing flows meet, like the cresting of waves. Flow represents the neutrality of nature, yet encourages the audience to view it subjectively.


Nudes is an appreciation of the female form. The varied body shapes and color differences of subjects suggest the strength of uniqueness and individuality.

For orders, the wearable art pieces are available here.